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1. What is Kommunitas?

​Kommunitas is a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem for web3.0 projects. Some might refer to it as a "launchpad" or "IDO Platform" but Kommunitas is aiming to build not only a platform, but more to an ecosystem.
Kommunitas not only provides fundraising for any type web3.0 projects from various blockchain (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Avax, Fantom, etc), but also other forms of support, such as Marketing, Community Management, KOL and VC Connections, SEO and even project development needs such as vesting portal and staking platform.
Since its inception, Kommunitas has introduced and been pioneers of many interesting concepts in the web3.0 industry. Some of them are Initial KOMmunity Offering / IKO (tierless, no barrier and decentralized IDO) and Social Engagement Burning (a way of rewarding the community by reducing circulation supply of the token based on engagement metrics across social media)
Not only investors will get capital gain from their investment of Public sale tokens, they are also presented with the opportunity to earn passive Revenue Sharing in Stable Coin as well as in KOM Token by holding and staking KOM token. (Read more about Revenue Sharing here :

2. Why name it Kommunitas?

Kommunitas was inspired by the original word of Community, which is from the Latin word Communitas, meaning “the same”. Therefore, Kommunitas is a community, which share the same vision and goal to get a capital gain in the cryptocurrency space.

3. What makes Kommunitas stand out from other Launchpad?

1. Tier-Less System The amount of allocation a user receives is proportional to the amount of $KOM they stake, with no tiers and barriers to entry. This means all $KOM holders will have a chance to participate in our Launchpad, regardless of their comfortable investment limit, ridding them of any stress induced when they’re required to hold a minimum number of tokens to participate in a Public Sale. So, the more KOM token they staked, the more allocation they will get.
2. Revenue Sharing This feature is only for Private Partners. 30% of the fees collected from our FCFS and Community Rounds will be pooled into the Private Partners Treasury Wallet. The funds (in USDC) collected will then be shared amongst our Private Partners (Wallets with more than 500K KOM staked) at the end of each quarter. Read more : 3. Priority Projects Criteria Kommunitas aims to bring high-quality projects that must satisfy several criteria. They include, but are not limited to, having locked liquidity in a 1:1 ratio according to their Initial Market Cap, and the price of the token not dropping below IKO price for 3 consecutive days before 50% of the tokens are vested. Understand more about our Priority Projects Criteria at​

4. What are the benefits or advantages for projects that will launch on the Kommunitas platform?

Kommunitas will play as a one-stop solution for a project that want to launch on its platform.
  • Kommunitas will help the project in terms of Marketing campaign, from social media influencers, to news and media coverage.
  • Kommunitas will also help the project to get audited for its smart contract.
  • Kommunitas will also provide grant and advisory for the project if it’s deemed possible. Read more about Kommunitas Incubator Fund at​
  • And after raising some funds, Kommunitas will help the project in terms of listing on several Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges.

5. What are the future plans of Kommunitas?

Kommunitas has a long term vision to become the market leader in Crypto Crowd Funding industry. With the goal to have at least 20,000 participants per sale and ability to raise $1 Million per sale, we are aiming to be the best crowdfunding ecosystem for all web3.0 projects. To get an updated roadmap of Kommunitas, please visit :​

6. How can users get updates about Kommunitas?

Users can get up to date information about Kommunitas and $KOM token at our website: . For all social media links and other references, users can also visit .
We have a google calendar with dates for our Public Sales, Private Sales, Vesting, New Projects, Whitelist Giveaways, Airdrops and AMAs! You can find the calendars and choose which ones to save here:​
How to Subscribe and Activate Notifications for Kommunitas Calendar:​

7. What is $KOM token and what is the total supply for $KOM token?

Many $KOM investors have highlighted the issue of the total maximum supply of 40B $KOM. We have taken your feedback very seriously and have been racking our brains to find the best solution to address this issue. For the proof of Lock and details of the lock, please visit​
After consultation among our internal team, advisors and of course our KOMmunity, we are delighted to announce that we will reduce the total maximum supply of $KOM from 40B to 2B tokens — a reduction of 95%! With approximately 1.1B $KOM currently in circulation, will have a better circulating-to-total-supply ratio than most crypto projects already in the cryptosphere!
Kommunitas team is constantly finding a better way to reduce its Total Supply. Read more about Burning at :​

8. What are the advantages and use cases of $KOM token?

  • $KOM token holders will have the rights to vote for the future development of Kommunitas platform and all the projects that will be launched on its platform. This will be done by KOMV (KOM Voting Token). Read more here.
  • $KOM token holders will also be able to stake their token and earn interesting yield on Kommunitas platform and other partners’ platform. Read more about Staking and Yield Farming in the Earn Section of this docs.
  • By staking $KOM, user will get guaranteed allocation of a newly launched token, and thanks to its tier-less system, users do not need to have a minimum holding of $KOM tokens for a guaranteed allocation.
  • Private Partners, those who staked more than 500,000 $KOM, will also enjoy a Quarterly Revenue Sharing. Get to know more at
  • To participate in the war that we have in our mini games platform, which is KOMnPlay​

9. What is the $KOM token contract?

Polygon Chain KOM (Matic) Token Address : 0xC004e2318722EA2b15499D6375905d75Ee5390B8 and can be verified on by clicking on this url :​
Binance Smart Chain (No liquidity provided yet) KOM (BSC) Token Address : 0x471Ea49dd8E60E697f4cac262b5fafCc307506e4 and can be verified on by clicking on this url :​
There are several fake $KOM tokens, either in or Please make sure you are interacting with the legit $KOM token contract.
You can also visit and click on the "Add KOM token" Button.

10. Why did you choose Polygon as your first chain for developing $KOM token and Launchpad platform?

We built the project on the polygon network because on the polygon network users are charged almost-zero gas fees and it has an excellent speed compared to other networks. And because the polygon network is an L2 network from Ethereum which helps the Ethereum network overcome scalability problems, it will be very easy for Ethereum network users to move their assets to the polygon network.

11. Where can we buy $KOM token?

You can buy $KOM token at:

12. When was the Private Sale and Public Sale?

$KOM Private sale started from 1st - 15th June 2021. Total $KOM token sold was 247,294,230 KOM.
$KOM Public sale will be conducted on 3 phases with several exchanges. *The 1st round of Public sale was with IndoEx Exchange from 17th June and ended on 30th June, 2021. There were 34,704,854 KOM sold in the 1st round. *The 2nd round of public sale was with IndoEx Exchange and P2PB2B exchange from 1st July until 14th July, 2021. There were 14,776,816 KOM sold in this 2nd round. *The 3rd round of Public sale held with P2PB2B exchange which started from 15th July until 24th July, 2021. And there were 10,000,000 KOM sold in this 3rd round. *The Extra round of Public sale held with Dex-Trade exchange which started from 27th July until 30th July, 2021. And there were 5,000,000 KOM sold in this extra round.

13. How can we Bridge our $KOM from Polygon <> BSC?

We have enabled the Polygon <> BSC bridge with the help of AnySwap Exchange. To know more about how to do the bridge, please visit:

14. Are you planning to implement the Buy Back or Burning method for $KOM tokens?

Yes, we have the plan to implement the Buy Back or Burning method for $KOM tokens.
5 burning mechanism that we have at the moment: 1. When user unstake their KOM token before the maturity date, their KOM will be deducted a 20% penalty fee, and this 20% will be burnt forever. 2. When user join our Private Partners Group and send any amount of KOM token, this will also be burnt later on. Once we get more revenue, we will be using some percentage of the revenue to buy back the token and maybe burn them too.
3. Social Engagement Burning, The First in Crypto Space, read more here :​
4. Price Level Burning. Kommunitas is dedicated to burn certain amount of KOM token if KOM price hits certain price level. We will do the burning together with our social engagement burning which will be done the latest by 5th every month.
5. $KOM from 40B to 2B tokens  a reduction of 95%. Many $KOM investors have highlighted the issue of the total maximum supply of 40B $KOM. We have taken your feedback very seriously and have been racking our brains to find the best solution to address this issue. Read more here :

15. Which wallet can we use for holding $KOM token?

$KOM token can be stored in any Polygon / BSC supported wallet, such as Trust Wallet, Metamask, SafePal.
For KOM (Matic) you can use Orange Wallet. Orange Wallet is a Matic Mainnet wallet, which was developed by our Technology Advisor Mr. Abhimanyu Shekhawat, and it has a feature of Token Scanning, which will scan the token with balance and show them in the balance, so a user does not need to add the token address of a particular token. However, Orange Wallet is currently available only for Android Users and can be downloaded here​

16. How to add Matic Mainnet on Metamask?

To add Matic’s Mainnet on Metamask, click on the Network selection dropdown and then click on Custom RPC. It will open up a form with 2 tabs on the top, Settings and Info.
In the Settings tab you can add "Matic Mainnet" in the Network Name field, URL in the New RPC URL field, 137 in Chain ID field, MATIC in Currency Symbol field and in Block Explorer URL field. You can read full details here or you can also watch it here To make our user easier, you can now go to our website and click on the "Add Matic Mainnet" and "Add KOM token" Button.

17. Can you please explain the Tier-Less System of the Kommunitas Launchpad?

Kommunitas is a tier-less launchpad. The more you staking, the more you will get your allocation. Please go to our main page, there is calculator in front of our page to calculate your allocation.
⚠️Change the number of KOM you wish to purchase, and how many days you wish to stake the KOM.
Go to: and head to Calculate your KOMvestment section

18. As a launchpad platform, how do you determine a worthy project to be launched on your platform?

Before we can help a project in conducting fund raising through our platform, we have several criteria that a project needs to pass. We will take into consideration things like Social Media of the project, Team, Investors, Idea of the projects as well as the tokenomics.
We also aim to bring high-quality projects that must satisfy several criteria. They include, but are not limited to, having locked liquidity in a 1:1 ratio according to their Initial Market Cap, and the price of the token not dropping below IKO price for 3 consecutive days before 50% of the tokens are vested.
We highly encourage you to read more about Kommunitas Priority Projects at​

19. Do you have any other region / language speaking telegram groups?

Yes, we do have several speaking telegram group. Official Telegram Groups of Kommunitas are:
The list is growing, for the most updated one, you can always check on:​

20. What is Private Partners Group at Telegram?

Private Partners Group is a special group for 500,000 KOM Token holder only.
Requirements: 1. Stake a min amount of 500,000 $KOM 2. Send any amount of $KOM (can be 0.0001 KOM to the address specified by the Bot). This is to ensure that you are really the owner of the address! In the future, the amount of KOM collected in the address will be burnt!
By joining the Private Partners Group, you will get special privilege to know about Kommunitas development, partnership, and other thing.
And you will be able to participate in Private Sale and Public Sale Allocation in Kommunitas Launchpad and enjoy a 30% Quarter Revenue Sharing.​

21. How to join Private Partners Group?

Go to telegram, and start the conversation with our elite bot.
Stake at least 500,000 KOM at and start the conversation with our Elite Bot.
He will guide you along the way, Human!

22. How can I participate in IKO?

To know more about how you can participate in IKO, please refer to :​
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