KOM/USDC Farming in MyTrade

1. Open your in-apps browser or Google Chrome and navigate to mytrade.org

2. Click on "Liquidity" then choose "Add Liquidity"

3. Change the input token to KOM and USDC, then enter the amount

4. Approve both KOM and USDC

5. Click on "Supply", then confirm

6. Click on "View on Explorer" to see the transaction

7. Copy the Contract Address, then open MetaMask and paste the Address in the Import Token 8. Click on "Add Custom Token"

9. Go back to mytrade.org, then click on "Mining" and choose "Liquidity Mining"

10. Scroll down the click on KOM/USDC, then Click on "Add" to stake some KOM/USDC LP

11. Enter the amount that you wish to stake then click on "Approve"

12. Click on "Confirm" ________________________________________________________________________

About MyTrade MyTrade is a next generation DEX that looks and feels like a centralized exchange with a wide variety of quality tradable assets. Takers will get the best price, and Makers enjoy 0% trading fees. Website: https://mytrade.org/

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