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The Crypto Blade

👋 Hi, $KOMmunity!
Let us introduce you to our new affiliate, The Crypto Blade 🔪
🏵 The Crypto Blade is a crypto group that was founded in May 2021. Their group has 34k members (2k-3k members online).
They have done 22 AMA sessions including The Crypto Prophecies, Continuum World, Despace, Retreeb, AthleteX, Cheqd, Babylon, Green Beli, Toniq Labs, TKB game, ShoeFy, 123Swap Finance, Qrkita Exchange, SpaceXRush, Tryhards, kala, RARX, Moda Dao, Meme Cake.
Let's cheer and look forward to our big surprise in the future! 🥂
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