September 2021

Hi, $KOMmunity!

September has passed with overall Crypto market goes down in red. Letโ€™s embrace and face it with head up high that not all month will be a good one.

Letโ€™s welcome October with smile and hope that we can see The Bull back in action!

Here is the recap that weโ€™ve achieved in the month of September 2021:

โ€ข Participate in Syrup Pool with QuickSwap โ€ข Provide rewards for Yield Farming with PolyCrystal โ€ข Take part in PolyCon2021, The first and biggest metaverse event for Polygon Ecosystem. โ€ข List KOM in with the trading pair of KOM/USDT โ€ข Create 3 more regional groups: Italy, Russia and German/DACH. โ€ข Organize 5 PolyCon Ticket Giveaway โ€ข Partnership with LoveBoat Exchange โ€ข Partnership with AnySwap and bridge KOM to BSC โ€ข Co-sponsor 3rd Anniversary event. โ€ข Bitrue List KOM after passing the vote! โ€ข Coin98 has whitelisted KOM in their wallet apps. โ€ข Make 15 cute sticker packs for our KOMmunity! โ€ข Update our Staking Interface โ€ข Organize shilling contest with 0.5 BNB in rewards โ€ข Partnership with BitMart exchange and provide 90% APY for our user. โ€ข Bull Wallet has integrated KOM in their apps. โ€ข KOM logo is updated in

Thanks for the support from our lovely $KOMmunity!

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