IndoEx Trading Competition (End)

6 Aug - 12 Aug 2021

The more you trade KOM, the higher your chances are to win a prize.

  • Trading Competition period starts at 06-08-2021 UTC and closes at 12-08-2021 UTC.

  • Final Trading Volume data is collected at 12-08-2021 UTC. This snapshot time is used to build up the winners list.

  • One Competition - One Crypto asset rule. Only trades on KOM markets will be counted towards the competitionโ€™s results. All trading pairs for the asset are included.

  • Only users who apply for the competition by pressing the โ€œParticipateโ€ button on the competition page are considered participants and may claim the prize. The applications close 12 hours before the competition ends.

  • Only one account per person is accepted.

  • Trading to yourself is not counted towards volume.

  • Each contestant's trading volume is calculated as total amount of the respective instrument (token or coin) traded in IndoEx starting from the time the user applied to participate in the competition.

  • Prizes are distributed in the form of crypto assets from the Prize Fund.

Price fund held in Escrow 1,000,000 KOM

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