Community Battle with Kommunitas

⚔️ Kommunitas Community Battle! ⚔️
Together with @chll_gg we are delighted to invite you to take part in the challenge that makes part of the great Community Battle event! 💥 The competition has just begun so you can straightaway join it!
We sincerely doubt it, but if by any chance you’re the last person on earth who hasn’t heard about CHLL.GG yet, CHLL.GG is an esport platform for casual players using their unique blockchain-powered protocol and AI technology.
CHLL.GG’s exclusive WASD virtual keyboards NFTs will be awarded to the best participants! These WASD NFTs are not only funky but can be used at to secure a significant Airdrop of $CHLL tokens! 🎁
🏆 How to participate? 1️⃣ Go to the challenge site (link below) 2️⃣ Connect your wallet 3️⃣ Join the challenge 4️⃣ Click on the “Play the game” button 5️⃣ Select the “Classic” map before playing 6️⃣ Follow @Kommunitas1 and @chll_gg on X
Enter here:
📅 Oct 20-23, 12:00 PM UTC ⏳ 72 Hours
🔥 The challenge takes place in CHLL.GG's showcase game - 0xDino, the well-known dinosaur game, but in a new version with a fully automated competition and score collection system!
⚠️ Only players that take part in the CHLL.GG IDO at Kommunitas will be eligible to receive rewards:!
Good Luck & Have Fun! 🙌