CryptoNesia Global

Hi, $KOMmunity!

We believe that there is no one particular project can grow big by its own. Project needs to synergize with each other to develop its network and exposure.

We have dedicated our time and resources to grow our network by collaborating with some Regional Community that discuss about cryptocurrency. And we are aiming to have at least 100 Regional Crypto Communities joining us as KOM Community Partner by the end of this year. We will be also displaying their names and logo into our website later on.

Today we want to announce our first KOM Community Partner. Letโ€™s welcome CryptoNesia.

CryptoNesia Global is a Crypto Community based in Asia where people gather to discuss anything that related to Cryptocurrency or Blockchain in General. They are backed by a Capital Firm based in Asia, AVStar Capital.

So Far, they have hosted more than 200 Projects such as, DAO Maker, Equilibrium, Waykichain, Juggernaut, Findora, MahaDAO, Centaur, DeFiBench, Seascape and etc.

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