Staking at Kommunitas

Enjoy up to 36% APY when staking KOM with Kommunitas

Step by Step on how to earn up to 60% on Kommunitas Staking:

1. Open your browser or google chrome with your browser wallet and navigate to

2. Click โ€œEnterโ€ on KOM Staking V2

3. Connect your wallet by clicking โ€œConnect Walletโ€ on the top-right of the page.

4. Make sure you are on the Matic Mainnet, and have some $MATIC (matic mainnet) token for the gas fees. If you want to know how to add matic mainnet to your wallet, please refer to this doc for metamask, and this for trust wallet.

5. Choose your preferred duration of stake (30, 60, or 90 days). Please note that this is a locked staking, which means that you if you wish to unstake before the maturity date, youโ€™ll incur a 20% penalty on your principal (in KOM) and also invalidate all your potential interest.

6. Enter the amount that you wish to stake (min 100 $KOM). Do note that if you stake more than 3,000 $KOM, you will be eligible for a KOMV (KOM Voting) token, used for governance and voting of future developments and projects.

KOMV is not tradable and cannot be sold. Please add the new KOMV address to your wallet.

Old KOMV token address : 0x56190005fd8740f8e2d3b805edc14e007045725b

Name: KOMV

Decimal: 0

New KOMV token address : 0xE1bB02b367173ac31077a8c443802f75CC9aCCb6

7. If your stake is successful, you will see the amount of rewards that you are entitled to earn, as well as the maturity date.

New features in KOM Staking V2:

1. Users who have staked their KOM in Staking V1, and own an Old KOMV token can now convert it to the New KOMV token in the V2 Staking Page. New KOMV token Contract Address is : 0xE1bB02b367173ac31077a8c443802f75CC9aCCb6

Please note that our governance function and KOMV token is still under development,so you can just hold on to the KOMV token for the time being. You may also stake more than 3,000 KOM in Staking V2 and receive the New KOMV token.

2. Users can choose to prematurely withdraw on each Stake. (Note: In Staking V1, when you press Pre-Maturity Withdraw, It will withdraw all your staking)

3. Users can even choose to Unstake their KOM partially using Prematurity Withdrawal (Not available in Staking V1).Example: A User stakes 999,000 KOM, he may now choose to Prematurely Withdraw only 9,000 KOM. Please note that if the amount of Interest / Penalty is negative, it refers to the amount of โ€œrewardsโ€ being revoked from that particular staking.

4. Updated UI/UX for mobile and desktop view.

5. Users can now know the specific details of their claiming date and interest / penalty for each and every stake. Please note that the Claiming date can only be seen with mobile wallets at the moment. And if you see a negative amount in Interest/Penalty, it means the amount of KOM rewards that you should have received but revoked as you prematurely withdrawed. User also can sort the details of their stake (by amount, staking date, maturity date, etc)

6. Weโ€™ve increased the penalty for premature withdrawals to 20% in both Staking V1 and Staking V2 before our first IKO. That was done to discourage people from immediately unstaking right after each IKO. The penalty collected will be burnt, thereby helping reduce the circulating supply of KOM.

7. The Default APY will be changed to 18%. Hence, 30 day stakes will have 18% APY, 60 day stakes will have 27% APY, and 90 day stakes will have 36% APY. (This is subject to change in the future, but if you have staked before any change, the amount of rewards will not change)

Please note that Rewards (APY) for Staking is just a way for Kommunitas to incentivize KOM holders, the main idea of staking is for the calculation of allocation during Token Sales / IKOs.

Kommunitas Old Staking Contract:

Kommunitas New Staking Contract:

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