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February 2022

Dear $KOMmunity,
☺️ It is with utmost joy that we welcome you into this new month of March. We could never thank you enough for your continuous shower of support to Kommunitas. Have a splendid month ahead, KOMmunity! ✨
🙌 Here’s a recap of Kommunitas achievements in February 2022:
  • Formed KOL partnerships with Angga Andinata and Gem Vader.
  • Held an IKO with Adroverse, Pirate X Pirate, Candy Cash, MetaGamz and Endless Battlefield.
  • Established strategic partnerships with Unilab and BlokHash
  • Established partnerships with Venture Capitals which include Cipholio Ventures, A+ Ventures, Almora Capital, KNIT Finance, Azer Capital, Secret Circle Ventures, 3X Capital, Atesis Capital, Legion Ventures, Moonlift Capital, Zephyrus Capital, Cryptoin, Crypto Tamil Ventures, AZA Groups, Red Swiss Venture Capital, Alpha Capital, Chainless Ventures, 0x Research Capital, DEX Capital, VBM Ventures, DCT Capital, 7 O’Clock Capital, Unity Capital, Sky Guardian Capita, Xtream Capital, DEC Ventures and Farmer Capital.
  • Featured on Cryptograph ratings as The Fairest and Best Launchpad in terms of Allocation without tiers on Polygon.
  • Featured on CryptoDiffer as the Top 15 project between $5M and $10M Market Cap with potential to grow, Top 15 projects by LunarCrush Galaxy Score and Top 10 Projects by Community Growth on Major Social Media Platforms.
  • Formed community partnerships with Kriptonesian, Fairypad, Lando Community, Crypto Gems, Presiden Crypto, Crypto Twilight, Underground Gems and Ninja’S In Calls.
  • Surpassed 100k Telegram members on our main group.
  • Held an AMA session with Pirate X Pirate, GEMS, CyberTrade, Playverz, Zamio, Outer Ring, MechaChain, MetaGamz, DeFiYield, Sunday Games, NTS Society, and MetaWander
  • In partnership with NomadFury, NomadFury held an AMA live session with Adroverse.
  • There were a total of 1696 Participants, 3025 Transactions made and 350,000 USDC raised in all our IKO projects.
  • Organized whitelist spots and airdrop giveaways with our IKO projects.
  • Featured on Token Hunter’s list of the Top project between $5M — $10M Market Cap.
  • Featured on Polygon Daily’s list of the most-mentioned polygon projects in the past 7 days two times.
  • Ranked 2nd on Matic News’ list of most traded small-cap projects on Polygon.
  • Formed launchpad partnerships with MetaFi and Regular Presale.
  • Featured on WhaleStats’ list of top most traded small cap tokens by the 1K biggest MATIC whales.
  • Featured on tehmoonwalker’s moonranking list.
  • Kommunitas is trackable on Defillama
  • Listed on Digifinex
  • Held a Zapper voting giveaway
  • Blockster x Kommunitas Campaign Giveaway
Thank you for being a part of us, $KOMmunity! 💙💙💙