Welcome to KomNPlay

the online mini games platform where you can play your favorite games for free! Our platform features over 130+ skill-based games, so the more skilled you become, the more rewards you can earn. And don't worry, KomNPlay is not a gambling platform - it's all about showcasing your skills and having fun. So why wait? Start playing and earning rewards on KomNPlay today!

KomNPlay is a gaming platform that offers a variety of features, including a free-to-play option, a duel mode, a war mode, a wide selection of armory items, a leaderboard, and over 130+ mini games. It also has a referral system that allows players to invite their friends to join the platform.

How to Earn KOM Tokens ?

1. Duel Mode

In the Duel Mode of KomNPlay, players can engage in battles with other players by making and accepting duel requests. Players can also place bets in the form of KOM on the outcome of the duel, with options ranging from 1,000 KOM to 25,000 KOM. Both players must have enough KOM in their account to participate. The player who scores the highest within the chosen time frame will be declared the winner.

2. Wars Mode

In the War Mode of KomNPlay, players can purchase tries, also known as ammo, to participate in a competition against other players. Each time a player submits a score to the Warboard, it is recorded. At the end of the War, the player with the highest average of their top 5 scores will be declared the winner and will receive 80% of the total Warchest. The runner-up will receive 7% and the third place finisher will receive 3%. Captain KOM and his family will receive the remaining 10%. To be eligible to win, players must participate at least 5 times. The more tries a player purchases, the larger the Warchest will be.

Download KomNPlay Mobile Android Version Link : https://play.kommunitas.net/komnplay-app

Minimum Requirements Specifications

Android version 7.0 and above 2 GB of RAM or more 100MB free storage for install 1280x720 Display or better

Latest Android Version 4GB of RAM or more 100MB free storage for install 1920x1080 Display or better

  1. Go to login, click "Sign Up"

  2. Enter your Username, Email, Mobile Number, and also Password

  3. Click on the clown to change to 'Yes'

  4. Finally, You can now login to your KomNPlay account and start playing!

  1. Click on KOM Logo with the Wallet picture

  2. Click on the (+) beside "Setup your wallet here"

  3. Then choose KOM Wallet under Source of Funds part, and click save

  4. Then you can restart the page or press F5, and the Kommunitas logo will appear on the Deposit & Withdraw section

  5. Click on Kommunitas logo, then a new windows page will appear

  6. Click on the Connect button on the top right, and it will be connected on your metamask wallet

  7. after connected, your balance in KOM will appear and you can deposit your KOM as much as you want

  8. then the amount of KOM that you deposited before will appear on your KOM Wallet in KomNPlay games

  1. Click on KOM Logo with the Wallet picture

  2. Click on Kommunitas logo in Withdrawal section

  3. fiil up amount of KOM that you want to withdraw from your KomNPlay Wallet

  4. fill up the recipient address that you want your KOM to be sent to

  5. Then click submit

*Note : Withdrawal of rewards can take up to 24 business hours in some cases & KYC is required when your total withdrawals are above 100,000 KOM Tokens.

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