June 2021

Hi, $KOMmunity! Here’s a recap of what we have achieved so far for the month of June,2021. These all can not be accomplished without you guys! Remember, we are still a Baby, but we will grow together as one community and make our way to at least top 100 crypto by marketcap! * Private Sale ended with 247,294,230 $KOM sold to 450+ Holders. * 1st Round of Public Sale ended with 34,704,854 $KOM sold to 323 participants on IndoEx Exchange. * Reviewed by 25+ youtuber in various language. * Press Released by more than 40 Crypto Medias ( * Created 6 different Languages for Telegram Groups * Listed on CoinMarketCap as untracked listing Ahead of Schedule! ( ) * Retweeted by Official Polygon Team! ( ) * Translated our Whitepaper into 6 different languages. * Improved our website and made​
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