LP Staking Program


Are you ready to take your involvement in the KOMmunity to the next level? The new LP Staking Program by Kommunitas is not just a feature; it's a gateway to enhanced liquidity and rewards. Discover how you can make a significant impact and reap considerable benefits in our growing ecosystem.

Simplifying the $KOM LP Staking Program:

In the heart of our decentralized crowdfunding platform lies the $KOM token, a pivotal element bridging Web 3.0 projects with our vibrant community. Recognizing a need to smoothen the trading experience, we've innovatively designed the LP Staking Program. Let's break it down:

What's the LP Staking Program About?

Boosting Liquidity: The Main Goal

We acknowledge the importance of boosting liquidity in the market, as it not only makes trading $KOM more accessible for all but also attracts significant investors to our community. Liquidity is the cornerstone of this strategy. To ensure there is always enough $KOM available for efficient trading, we have introduced the LP Staking Program.

The $KOM LP Staking Program

This program is centered around two key initiatives:

1. Enhancing $KOM Availability: The creation of a Liquidity Pool on Quickswap V2 is intended to make $KOM more readily available, especially in the Decentralized Exchange.

2. Improving $KOM Liquidity: Motivating the KOMmunity to contribute to the liquidity of $KOM on Quickswap V2, thereby increasing market depth and stability.

Benefits for LP Token Stakers.

  • Additional Allocation in IKOs.

A significant change is being introduced in the allocation of IKOs. LP token stakers will now receive a 20% allocation in all IKOs. To give context, the previous allocation typically involves 40% for the Whitelisted Addresses (KOLs, Campaign Winners, Teams) and 60% for KOM Stakers. With the introduction of the LP staking feature, this allocation will be redistributed as 40% for Whitelisted Addresses, 40% for KOM Stakers, and 20% for LP Token stakers. This change means that if you are both a KOM token staker and an LP token staker, your allocation benefits will substantially increase! Please also note that apart from LP token staking, you will also need at least 3,000 KOM staked for Public Sale IKOs and 500,000 KOM staked for Private Sale IKOs to be eligible for voting and participating from Booster 1.

  • Revenue Sharing Benefits.

LP token stakers will also benefit from a revenue sharing model. Just like KOM Millionaire Partners (10,000,000 KOM Stakers), they will receive a 5% revenue sharing monthly which will be distributed the latest by 5th of every month. This initiative is designed to ensure that LP token stakers are rewarded in a manner consistent with other high-level participants in the ecosystem.

  • Access to Free Tokens.

Another perk for LP token stakers is the eligibility for free tokens. This benefit mirrors the bonus that is available to those who stake for 730 days. It's an incentive designed to encourage longer-term investment and deeper involvement in the $KOM ecosystem.

  • Earning from Trading Fees.

Lastly, LP token stakers have the opportunity to earn from trading fees generated within the liquidity pool. This not only incentivizes the staking activity but also contributes to the overall liquidity and health of the $KOM market.

These enhancements to the $KOM LP Staking Program are aimed at both increasing participation and rewarding those who contribute significantly to the liquidity and stability of the $KOM market.

How to Stake LP Token?

Here's the step by step of How to Stake Your LP Token:

  1. First, Go to staking.kommunitas.net

  2. Connect your wallet according to the wallet that you're using

  3. Scroll down. You'll see the new Kommunitas LP Staking feature

  4. Now, you need the LP Token to stake it. You can get it by click on Get LP Token, then you'll be taken to Quickswap page

  5. Enter the amount of MATIC or KOM, then click on Approve (if you haven't done a transaction before in Quickswap)

  6. Click on Supply, then Confirm the transaction to get your LP Token

  7. You've successfully swap your MATIC and KOM to LP Token. Now, go back to Kommunitas Staking Page

  8. Please note that you need to Approve before you can stake your LP Token.

  9. Enter the amount of LP Token that you wish to stake

  10. Click on Stake, then confirm the transaction

  11. Congratulations! You've successfully Stake your LP Token


The LP Staking Program at Kommunitas is not just an initiative; it's a revolution in decentralized crowdfunding. By enhancing liquidity and offering substantial rewards, we are setting new standards in community empowerment. Join us in this exciting journey and be a part of a future where your contributions are valued and rewarded.

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