2021 has been a fun-filled, amazing year for us! Weโ€™ve been through a lot together, so we figured now would be a great time to look back at some of the things weโ€™ve achieved together in the past year!

First up, we would of course like to take a look at the growth of our KOMmunity! We now have a total of 17 official regional KOMmunities on telegram! Weโ€™ve also managed to gain a total of 245,797 followers across all our social media accounts. There was also a combined 69 YouTube reviews made on Kommunitas.

Next up, weโ€™ll be taking a look at the growth of our token, $KOM. Following our listing on 8 CEX and 3 DEX, we managed to grow to a total of 28,796 token holders. We also introduced the first Social Engagement Burning in the Crypto Industry, leading to a whopping total of 103,337,893 KOM burned, only 3 months after it was introduced. Currently, there is a total of 407,584,239 KOM staked across our staking pools, valuing it at $2,971,835.

Following that, we would like to check out the achievements of our launchpad. In the span of 2 months, we held a total of 2 Seed Sales, 17 Private Sales and 9 Public Sales (IKOs) in which we managed to help raise $1,385,000. Our highest number of participants on our launchpad is 867 for our IKO with

Cherry Network. As for our fastest FCFS rounds, that would be during our IKO with FabweltToken where we sold out in less than a minute, with a total of 314 participants. During our IKO with SolChicks, our FCFS round also ended in under 2 minutes, owing to the 816 people who participated. For our 3 best token sales, it would go to The Killbox Game, The Monopolist and Crypto Vs Zombie, which had an ATH of 72X, 29X and 23X respectively.

Finally, we will take a look at our partnerships and AMAs. We held a grand total of 36 AMAs during 2021. We hope that the AMAs gave our KOMmnity a chance to enquire those projects as well as learn more about them. As for partnerships, weโ€™ve managed to connect with a total of 2 Audit Partners, 7 Marketing Partners, 54 VC Partners, 79 KOL Partners, 60 Communities, as well as 9 DeFi Partners. We would like to thank our partners and projects weโ€™ve held AMAs with, and we hope that these partnerships will help provide us with traction in the long-term.

That was quite the list of achievements, wasnโ€™t it? Now that 2021 is over, we would like to extend our gratitude to our KOMmunity for their continuous support during the past year together, and we will also focus on doing our best in 2022โ€Šโ€”โ€ŠHopefully surpassing our achievements in 2022. Thanks for taking your time to read through this article, and we look forward to your continued support and suggestions!

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