Staking Event

November 9th โ€” 25th, 2023

Event Description:

Join us in this electrifying event, where the more $KOM you stake, the greater your chances of winning! Be one of the fortunate five winners to receive a lavish reward totaling $200 worth of $KOM. But thatโ€™s not all โ€” as a token of our appreciation, these winners will also secure guaranteed airdrop spots for our highly secure and promising project. Plus, the first winner will enjoy the benefits of monthly revenue-sharing as a millionaire partner on November.

Donโ€™t miss your chance to be a part of this incredible opportunity!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants should use a new wallet to stake $KOM

  • Only $KOM purchased from the DEX and staked will be counted. Staking $KOM acquired elsewhere will not be eligible.

  • The minimum amount to be staked is 3,000 $KOM โ€” the more $KOM you stake, the bigger your chances of winning!

  • After staking your $KOM, verify your KOMV on Discord as KOM Holder

  • You can stake your $KOM on the Polygon network or Arbitrum network

  • Choose the duration of your staking according to your preference

  • Complete all the tasks on Galxe

  • The leaderboard will be updated every week on discord channels (this leaderboard is different from Galxe)


In order to increase the on-chain transaction, the purchase of $KOM on DEX is mandatory

Reward Distribution:

  • First Winner : $70

  • Second Winner : $50

  • Third Winner : $40

  • Fourth Winner : $25

  • Fifth Winner : $15


  • The first winner will receive a total prize of $70 worth of $KOM.

  • The first winner will also enjoy the benefit of Monthly Revenue Sharing as a Millionaire Partner in stablecoin for one month. Info

  • All winners will receive a guaranteed airdrop spot to be distributed in December. (The latest airdrop distribution: more info)

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