๐Ÿ’ตVote Share and Buy Rewards

Kommunitas Launchpad has always been known to innovate and provide the best value for investors. This time, we are proud to announce the first distribution of Vote, Share and Buy (VSB) campaign rewards, another first for Kommunitas Launchpad participants. What sets us apart from other launchpads is our commitment to ensuring that our investors receive maximum rewards for their investments. The VSB Campaign is another way we are delivering on this promise.

In the VSB Campaign, investors have the opportunity to buy more allocation and receive a share of some part of the marketing token provided by the project team. This means that the more allocation an investor buys, the more they will earn in marketing tokens. This feature is not available on other launchpads, making Kommunitas Launchpad stand out from the competition.

Participating in the VSB Campaign is simple, but requires full participation. Investors must complete all three tasks, which include: 1. Voting (own and stake at least 3,000 KOM)

2. Sharing (tweet about this IKO on Twitter using the provided button)

3. Buying (buy your allocation in the IKO - all rounds are calculated) Failure to complete any of the tasks will disqualify the investor from receiving any VSB rewards. For example, if an investor votes and buys, but never shares, they will not be eligible for the VSB rewards.

Kommunitas Launchpad takes pride in providing timely rewards to our investors. VSB rewards will be distributed at the latest within 7 days after the project's listing. Our investors can rest assured that they will receive their rewards promptly.

As proof of our commitment, we have already distributed the VSB rewards for two projects, Parma and Shelterz. During this distribution, a wallet ending with โ€œDFeAโ€ purchased $27 worth of $TERZ and $46 worth of $PARMA tokens and received $49 of $TERZ and $45 worth of $PARMA respectively. Thatโ€™s a 181% and 98% bonus on their investment respectively. Finally, Investors can view the proof of transaction for these projects using the following links:





You may also check your address and VSB rewards in this spreadsheet:


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