What is Kommunitas?
Kommunitas is the solution for Multi Chain oriented projects, being the bridge to a new organic way of fundraising across the blockchains. Kommunitas levels the playing field by enabling a developer or a team of developers to launch their project on Kommunitas’ platform and collect $ETH, $BNB, $HECO, $MATIC, or any other Cryptocurrencies supported by the platform.
Kommunitas Platform Advantages:
1. Multi Chain sales
We are revolutionizing fundraising in the digital ecosystem with our seamless platform that supports developers’ quest to raise funds for their projects. We aim to expand the fundraising horizon with our platform and defeat the single-chain limit. Our multi-chain protocol (ETH, BNB, HECO, and MATIC) will enable you to attract investors from all over the crypto community.
2. Multi Chain wallet connection
A user will be able to connect several wallets from different blockchains with a single click. Kommunitas platform organically synchronizes all your assets to have faster access to all the functions hosted by the team.
3. Ability for Staking
Our users will be able to stake their tokens directly from their Kommunitas wallet. This cool feature involves data aggregation from multiple sources such as popular DEXs to ensure that Kommunitas users always get the best price. Our almost-zero-Fee blockchain will help you manage your funds in the most decentralized way possible. You can stake your assets and claim the reward you prefer with our multi-chain pools.
4. Governance Function
KOM token holder will be able to vote on future development of the project. The requirement for voting purpose is only 3,000 KOM at the moment. Meaning that holder with 3,000 or more KOM will have 1 voting rights to determine the future development of the project as well as project that will be launched on Kommunitas Platform.
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