Stake Leaders of the Month

Stake Leaders of The Month๐Ÿ…

To commemorate our milestone bridged to the Arbitrum network, we are pleased to announce our Stake Leaders of The Month where you can stake as much $KOM as you can and wins more than $500 worth of $KOM for 8 stakers at the end of the month!


  1. Follow Kommunitasโ€™ social media platforms (Twitter, Discord, Instagram, etc) 2 Join Kommunitasโ€™ Telegram and Discord channels

  2. Spread the news by making tweets and mentioning minimum 3 friends

  3. Buy $KOM on CEX/DEX by bridging $KOM from Polygon network to Arbitrum Network

  4. Stake $KOM on as much as users can pursue

Join us now and become Stake Leaders of the month!

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