A&Q Community

Hi, $KOMmunity!
🔥We are excited to announce our next partnership, with A&Q Community
A&Q Community is a crypto community that was developed in the last 1 year, A&Q Community was built to develop interest or introduce Crypto currency projects to the community. And in the past year they had held 200+ AMAs from various projects. Some of them includes big names like:
• Bluzzet NEO
• OKEx
• ioTeX
• Bitget
• Medicalveda
• Terra Luna
• CryptoLocally
• xHumanity
• Walletraum
• EverusWorld
• CryptoLocally
• CandelaCoin
• Oropocket
• Unifi Protocoletc
• Rrazor Network
• Swirge Network
• Wink
• KDAG Foundation
• My Neighbor Alice
• Filecash Global from 200+ AMA
🚀 With this partnership, we are agreed to do co-marketing and promoting each other.
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