March 2024

Hereโ€™s a recap of Kommunitasโ€™ achievements in March 2024:

โ€ข Announced an IKO with BIGA Arcade, OSIS, Monkey Empire, Sensay, SobajaSwap and Xave Finance

โ€ข Introduced Exclusive IKO

โ€ข Announced Our 16th Monthly Revenue Sharing for Millionaire Partners

โ€ข Announced XKOM and a special Airdrop

โ€ข Kommunitas shines as a Top Tier Launchpads By MCAP on BitStarters

โ€ข Announced Program LP Staking

โ€ข Bounty Templeโ€™s $TYT and Blocjerkโ€™s $BJ skyrockets by 3X

โ€ข Held an AMA session with CaseGPT, OSIS, Monkey Empire, BIGA Arcade, Sensay, SobajaSwap and Xave Finance

โ€ข There were a total of 1,634 Participants, 2,415 Transactions made and $1,050,000 USDT (Polygon,BSC,ARB) raised in all our IKO

โ€ข Organized whitelist spots, airdrop giveaways and L2E events with our IKO projects

Thank you for believing in us, $KOMmunity!

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