Staking V3

Dear $KOMmunity,

Since the introduction of KOM V2 Staking, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of users stake their tokens on our portal. Currently, there are over 730,000,000 KOM tokens locked in our staking contract, representing more than half of our circulating supply.

The Kommunitas Team has been hard at work creating an improved version of our staking system and we are excited to announce the launch of our new V3 staking system, which offers many benefits over our previous version.

Firstly, users will now be able to choose if they want to automatically have their tokens and rewards re-staked and compounded at the end of their staking period.

There are three options which investors can choose when staking their tokens:

“No Compound” option: Allows users to stake their $KOM tokens for a chosen period of time, and automatically receive their initial staked amount plus any rewards at the end of the period, without needing to manually unstake. Users also have the option to withdraw prematurely and burn some of their initial staked amount.

“Compound My Staked $KOM only” option: Allows users to automatically re-stake their initial staked amount at the end of the chosen period, while still receiving any rewards in their wallet until the user chooses the “no compound option”.

“Compound The Amount + Rewards” option: Automatically re-stakes the total amount of the initial staked amount and rewards at the end of the chosen period, until the user chooses the “no compound” option.

Moving on, Kommunitas will now support a greater range of staking periods, ranging from 30 to 730 days. Users can choose one of the staking periods available: 30, 60, 90, 180, 365, and 730 days, with corresponding APYs of 3%, 5%, 7%, 9%, 12%, and 15%. A premature withdrawal penalty of 50% applies to all options.

Finally, for investors who choose the 730 days staking period, they will not only receive the highest APY of 15% but also receive part of the marketing tokens (if any) that we receive from projects each month. This is a great opportunity for long-term supporters to earn some additional passive rewards (in other project’s tokens) through our platform.

We’ve also added a staking leaderboard for our investors to find out where and whether they rank in the Top 50 stakers. Here’s a quick preview of it:

Our V3 Staking Portal has also successfully passed an audit from ShellBoxes, which you can check out here:

We hope that you’re impressed by our new staking system and we encourage our community to take advantage of the long-term benefits of the 730 days staking period and consider diversifying their staking options with our new V3 system.

With love,


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