26th BURN 395,295,681 KOM

The month of November has ended in a flash, hence it’s once again time for our monthly report! This month, we’ll be taking a look at the outcome of our Social Engagement Burning, DxLock burning, KOM liquidity across all DEXs, as well as look back at some of our achievements in the past month.
For our 26th token burn this month, we’ve burned a grand total of 395,295,681 KOM, or Approximately $672,003 at the time of writing! This includes both our Social Engagement Burning and DxLock Burning. Featured below is a breakdown of our Social Engagement Burn as well as DxLock Burn.
🔥 Just like last month, we will share some details regarding our Social Engagement Burning. Find out more here:
➡️ Proof of Social Engagement Burning:
➡️ Proof of DxLock Burning: