Step by step How to Stake $KOM Token with Orange Wallet

1. If you already have a Wallet (MetaMask/Trust/Token Pocket), click on "I have a wallet" so you don't have to create a new wallet and own multiple addresses

2. Enter your Word/Seed phrase to import your Wallet account.

3. Create your PIN.

4. Check your previous wallet platform, if it doesn't automatically log out, then it was successful

5. If you can see the amount of KOM and Matic from your previous wallet, then you are good to go

6. Click on DeFi.

7. Choose Kommunitas Staking.

8. Click on Stake.

9. Please note that the minimum amount of KOM token to stake is 100 KOM.

10. You can choose how many days you want to stake your KOM token.

11. Click on the check button

12. Confirm the staking by sliding the arrow to the right.

13. Enter your PIN.

14. The staking Process will take a few minutes, please wait patiently.

15. Please note that Orange Wallet only support Matic Mainnet for now Also note that you need to Approve the transaction first then only the stake button will appear

16. Successfully Stake KOM on Orange Wallet.

About Orange Wallet :

Official Kommunitas Wallet, with its Matic Mainnet by default and which was developed by our Technology Advisor Mr. Abhimanyu Shekhawat. It also has a feature of Token Scanning, which will scan the token with balance and show them in the balance, so a user does not need to add the token address of a particular token.

Download Orange Wallet now Android and IOS.

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