200,000 KOM at PolyCon

PolyCon 2021

To celebrate our sponsorship with PolyDoge in the PolyCon 2021 event, Kommunitas is giving away 200,000 KOM at PolyCon 2021 event.

Task : 1. You need to put KOM badge by following this steps: a. Click on the dropdown menu on your account profile picture. b. Click on Manage Exhibits on the account profile dropdown, then the box will pop-up. c. Now click on +Join Exhibit and enter the password : pD5Dqigg7LvTsxqe33_vpdPU d. Confirm with the green Join Exhibit button, next make sure to click the star next to the exhibit.

2. Take a photo / screenshot of yourself in front of Kommunitas Booth. (Kyber Network Hall) 3. Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Kommunitas1) 4. Post your selfie picture/ screenshot that you took on Twitter, as well as tag min. 3 of your friends 5. You must join our telegram group (https://t.me/kommunitas) and announcement (https://t.me/kommunitas_ann) 6. Fill up all the information in this form : https://forms.gle/Z34cxAMMbyNb47287

โ— This giveaway is only for PolyCon attendees and you will be disqualified if you don't perform all the task. โ— Winner will be announced at our https://docs.kommunitas.net/announcement as well as https://t.me/kommunitas_ann โ— Prize will be distributed before 30th September 2021.

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