Stake $KOM at Polaris

Polaris is a decentralized platform on BSC and Polygon where anyone can easily create custom liquidity mining or staking pools known as "Supernovas". To learn more about Polaris, please visit

Step by step to stake $KOM and earn up to 100% APR* : 1. Prepare $KOM in metamask (orange wallet does not support browser function yet, but you can import your orange wallet to Metamask by using your seedphrase) 2. Make sure you are in Matic Mainnet (please refer to : if you want to add Matic Mainnet to your Metamask) 3. Prepare some matic in matic mainnet (0.1 matic is enough) 4. Go to browser and type 5. Scroll down / search for KOM 6. Enter the amount you wish to stake 7. You will have to authorize / approve the connection to your wallet 8. Click on Stake after you have authorize. 9. If it successful, you can see the amount in "Your Stake"

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