A Pinnacle View of 2023โ€™s Resounding Achievements

As we bid farewell to 2023, itโ€™s with great pride and excitement that we reflect upon the remarkable journey and unprecedented accomplishments of Kommunitas throughout the year. Building upon the solid foundation laid in 2021, the KOMmunity has experienced an extraordinary surge in key metrics, partnerships, and overall impact. Letโ€™s delve into the impressive achievements that have defined Kommunitas in 2023, comparing the data with the preceding year for a comprehensive view of our collective progress.

I. Token Metrics

In the span of a year, Kommunitas has seen a substantial increase in its token metrics, reinforcing its growing prominence in the crypto space. The total number of KOM holders has surged to an impressive 37,614. Reflecting a significant rise from the 2022 figure of 29,857.

II. Fundraising and Participation

Kommunitas has demonstrated remarkable success in fundraising activities, raising a total of 12,198,924 USDT in 2023, a significant leap from the 6,970,000 USDT raised in 2022. The number of unique participants has also seen a considerable increase, soaring to 8,351 users in 2023 compared to 6,840 in the preceding year.

III. Top Performing IKOs

In 2023, the fastest FCFS (First-Come-First-Serve) rounds witnessed lightning-speed transactions, with GoWrap sold out in less than 10 seconds, underscoring the robust demand for Kommunitas initiatives. The top-performing IKOs of the year include Earn Network (10.2x), Propbase (10.09x), Vinu Chain (8.99x), Tectum (7x) showcasing outstanding returns for participants.

IV. Revenue Sharing

In a testament to our KOMmunityโ€™s unwavering commitment to shared success, our combined revenue in 2023 soared to an impressive 34,068 USDT. This remarkable sum reflects the robust financial growth and collaborative spirit of our vibrant KOMmunity. Breaking down the numbers, monthly revenue sharing surged impressively to 13,300 USDT, underlining the financial vitality of our collective efforts. Equally noteworthy, quarterly revenue sharing reached a substantial 20,768 USDT, adding a strong foundation to our financial achievements.

Delving deeper into our accomplishments, the rewards from Kommunitasโ€™ 730-days staking pool in 2023 totaled an outstanding 25,408 USDT worth of project tokens. Furthermore, the combined rewards from vote, share, and buy (VSB) activities in 2023 amounted to a remarkable 43,780 USDT. This long-term commitment by our KOMmunity underscores our dedication to supporting and nurturing the growth of valuable projects within the ecosystem.

Expanding on our financial milestones, the total Kommunitas airdrop rewards amounted to 41,036 USDT. Additionally, the total Kommunitas L2E rewards reached 7,665 USDT and for the event rewards reached 5,778 USDT. These figures serve as a testament to the collective strength and success of our vibrant KOMmunity. Hence, the overall event distribution rewards tallied an impressive 123,669 USDT.

V. Token Burns and Staking

Token metrics witnessed an extraordinary transformation, an astonishing 68,586,305 KOM token was burned in total as of 3rd of Jan 2023. The total KOM staked in our staking platform has undergone a seismic shift, ascending from 407,584,239 KOM in 2022 to a monumental 1,036,490,000 KOM in 2023, emphasizing the KOMmunityโ€™s unwavering commitment.

VI. Expanded Sales and Partnerships

The number of public sales magnificently expanded from 32 in 2022 to an impressive 70 in 2023, indicating heightened interest and participation in Kommunitas initiatives. Collaborative efforts flourished, as demonstrated by the increase in launchpad partnerships (42), VC partnerships (190), KOL partnerships (195), KOMmunity partnerships (359), security audit partnerships (14), and marketing partnerships (39).

VII. AMA Sessions & Events

Kommunitas continued to foster transparent communication and engagement, hosting a total of 200 AMAs in 2023, a considerable increase from the 36 AMAs held in 2022. Additionally, the total number of Kommunitas events held in 2023 amounted to 58, reflecting our commitment to providing informative and interactive sessions for our KOMmunity.

VIII. Awards & Recognition

Robby Jeo (Kommunitas CEO), Receives Honorable Mention for Outstanding Leadership and Vision

Among the esteemed figures acknowledged, our CEO received an Honorable Mention award from Coinvestasi, highlighting his pivotal role in advancing the crypto and Web3 landscape in Indonesia. Weโ€™re thrilled that our CEO stands as one of the key figures recognized for their contributions to the development of these industries in the country.

โ€œI am truly honored to receive the Honorable Mention award from Coinvestasi. This recognition is a testament to the collective effort of the entire Kommunitas team and our shared commitment to advancing the crypto and Web3 landscape in Indonesia. As we celebrate this achievement, my hope for the future is to see Indonesiaโ€™s crypto and Web3 ecosystem continue to flourish, fostering innovation and creating new opportunities for technological growth and financial inclusion.โ€ โ€” Robby Jeo.

Adding to our list of accolades, Kommunitas secured another significant award in 2023, earning a spot on CryptoRankโ€™s list of Top 10 Most Popular IDO Platforms in June. This recognition further solidifies our position as a leading platform in the crypto space. In total, Kommunitas has garnered an impressive tally of 18 awards and recognitions throughout the year. These accolades underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the crypto and Web3 realms.

Kommunitasโ€™ Bold Ambitions and Aspirations for 2024

As we anticipate the future, Kommunitas is ready for a more successful journey ahead. The aim for 2024 is to raise 15 million USDT and engage 15,000 unique participants. This bold goal reflects our commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries. Weโ€™re grateful for the support of the entire Kommunitas KOMmunity and look forward to more accomplishments in the years to come.

For further information about Kommunitas, please visit our website.

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