KOM/LOVE Yield Farming with Love Boat Exchange

Hello, $KOMmunity! We are so excited to announce that we have secured a partnership with Love Boat Exchange. Love Boat Exchange is the first Multi-Chain DEX platform built with Diamond Standard on Polygon and Ethereum Chain. Check out more about Love Boat Exchange : *Docs : *Telegram : *Twitter : *Discord : *Medium :
Step by Step on how to do provide Liquidity and Yield Farming with KOM-LOVE LP token on Love Boat Exchange : 1. Go to Love Boat Exchange and connect your wallet (Make sure you are at Matic Mainnet) 2. Prepare 0.1 MATIC (Matic Mainnet) for gas fee 3. Prepare the equal amount of KOM and LOVE. Let’s say $10 in KOM and $10 in LOVE so your total liquidity on KOM/LOVE is $20. You can do that by clicking on the SWAP button.
Swap to own LOVE
4. Navigate to POOL Section. 5. Scroll down to LOVE/KOM and Tap on add liquidity.
6. At the top option choose LOVE and the bottom choose KOM. 7. Input your LOVE balance and KOM balance, which will be automatically calculated. 8. Tap "supply" and proceed "confirm supply" 9. On your pop up metamask notification, You can speed up the transaction by increasing the gwei for 5-10 units. 10. Navigate to Menu and click on Farm=Rewards 11. Find LOVE/KOM and click on Deposit
Deposit your LP token to LOVE-KOM Pool
12. Deposit your LP Token of LOVE-KOM.
13. After a successful transaction, you should see the rewards of Love accruing!
You can Claim your LOVE token as the rewards
14. Now you are officially a farmer of LOVE-KOM Yield Farming and earn LOVE
The LOVE rewards will start today (Sunday, 2021–09–12). Love Boat Exchange will be rewarding 100 Love Tokens to this pair over the next 13 days. Love Boat Exchange will then reassess the rewards rate and justify the amount to reward based on trading volume and the amount of liquidity for LOVE-KOM.