Quarterly Revenue Sharing

New! Quarterly Revenue Sharing for KOM Private Partners.

As we approach our 1st year anniversary, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for believing in us to deliver the best projects to our community. After the introduction of our New Launchpad IKO structure, we have started collecting a non-refundable 3% and 5% fee for FCFS and Community Rounds respectively. Our new IKO structure serves as a way to encourage people to participate in Booster 1 and 2. It also provides a chance for people who forgot to stake their KOM on time, or do not currently own any KOM to participate in the Community round if there are leftover tokens from the booster and FCFS rounds. You can read up more about the changes to our Launchpad IKO structure (Introduction of KOM Priority projects and new Community Round) if you havenโ€™t.

After starting the first Initial KOMmunity Offering (tierless, decentralized IDO) and Social Engagement Burning, we will now once again, be introducing something new that could be the first of its kind in the CryptoSphere.

Starting from now, all the non-refundable fees from each IKO will be collected after each sale and split into 3 different wallets in the proportions below:

โ€ข 30% will go to our Marketing Wallet

โ€ข 40% will go to our Operational Wallet

โ€ข 30% will go to our Private Partners Treasury Wallet

Private Partners Treasury Wallet

With the introduction of our new Private Partners Treasury Wallet, all the funds collected in this Gnosis-Safe wallet will be given to our Private Partners (Wallets with at least 500K KOM staked) at the end of every quarter. The funds (in USDC polygon) will be split proportionally based on the amount of KOM staked by wallets with a minimum for 500,000 KOM. This means that apart from being able to participate in Private Rounds, Private Partners will now be rewarded a portion of the fees collected, in addition to the interest/staking rewards they received for staking their KOM.

This new revenue sharing scheme is in-line with our goal of providing more utility and benefits to our token holders. We will continue to listen to the feedback and suggestions of our community to implement more community-oriented improvements and utility into our token in the future.

So, wait no more, load up your bag with more than 500,000 KOM token, type โ€œ/startโ€ to @komelitebot and you will be guided on how to join our exclusive Private Partners group.

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