Launchpad FAQ

1. How do I participate in IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) / Launchpad?

  • You need to stake KOM before the Registration Period ends.
  • Go to , Connect your wallet.
  • Stake your KOM in either 30/60/90 days pools (please note that this is a locked staking, but you will enjoy a juicy rewards, please refer to :
  • You can get a rough calculation of your percentage by looking at the Your KOM staked / Total KOM Staked (V1 and V2) * 100%

2. What are the steps of an IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) ?

  • Registration Period starts 2-10 days before the IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) Date. Allocation will be calculated from the total KOM Staked in in this period. If you stake KOM after this Registration Period Ends, you will not be eligible for particular IKO.
  • After that, it is called Preparation Period, normally 6 - 12hours. User can see their allocation (in Token) and what is the amount of USDC (Polygon) they need to prepare. In this period, user is encourage to prepare the amount of USDC (Polygon) they wish to puchase.
  • After Preparation Period, the IKO will commence. This first round is called Booster 1, and normally user will have 4 hours to made purchase in this Booster 1 (Round 1)
  • Booster 2 will start approximately 1-2 minutes after Booster 1. In the Booster 2, a user can have the same percentage allocation of the unsold token from Booster 1. Booster 2 might have a price difference of the price from Booster 1, and Booster 2 will last also for 4-8 hours.
  • Next round will be Booster 3, or we call it Public Round. Unsold tokens from Booster 2 will be allocated to this round. The price of Public Round will be higher than Booster 2. Everybody is welcome to participate in this Public Round but there will be a minimum and maximum allocation per address (different from one project to another project), and one user can only get to purchase ONCE. Please note that is also a FCFS (First Come First Serve) basis. And you need to stake KOM before the Calculation Period to be eligible.
  • The unsold token from Public Round will have 2 choices, either will be burnt (manually) or it will be given back to the project team. (depends on the agreement with the project)
For example, assuming if the proportion of tokens Mr. A staked on our staking platform represents 5% of the total $KOM staked, and if the total number of tokens offered during an IKO is 1 million tokens,
(a) In Booster 1 – Mr. A can purchase up to 50,000 tokens (5% * 1 million tokens).
(b) Assuming 700,000 tokens were sold in Booster 1, this meant 300,000 tokens were unsold.
(c) In Booster 2, Mr. A can purchase up to 15,000 tokens (5% * 300,000 tokens).
(d) Assuming 200,000 tokens were sold in Booster 2, this meant 100,000 tokens were unsold.
(e) In the Public Round, 100,000 tokens will be available with a minimum and maximum purchase amount, based on a FCFS basis to public.
This system ensures that none of our KOMmunity members will be left out, and all will be given an opportunity to invest in new projects which have passed our stringent vetting requirements.

3. What projects can do IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) on Kommunitas?

We support multi chain like Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Etc. But the currency that we accept at the moment for IKO is USDC (Polygon).

4. What if I can not see my allocation on Launchpad?

For those of you who use metamask for mobile. you can try these steps:
  1. 1.
    Close all tabs of your wallet browser
  2. 2.
    Open new tab, type “kommunitas” without .net
  3. 3.
    It will redirect you to duckduckgo or any search engine
  4. 4.
    Click on the
  5. 5.
    Click on the menu, find “launchpad”
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