Video Competition Campaign (End)

Campaign will be extended until 30th August, Winner will be announced on 15th September, 2021.

1st place : $1,000 (usdt/bnb/eth/KOM up to the winner) 2nd place : 50,000 KOM 3rd place : 20,000 KOM

โ— This contest will end at 30th of August, 2021. 00:00 UTC. โ— Winners will be announced at 15th of September, 2021 at โ— Video - YouTube, TikTok or any other video portal. โ— Your YouTube/TikTok channel must have more than 300 subscribers โ— The video must be at least 2 minutes. โ— The video can be anything. It can be about Kommunitas, or how to buy and store $KOM token, or current event, or even your personal thought about Kommunitas and its future. โ— The video description must contain at least one link to our website and social media, and include hashtag #Kommunitas #KOM #Launchpad โ— The 3 video will be picked based on the Content, Likes, Views, and Comments โ— Language - No restriction โ— To determine the winner, Polling will be done on our Telegram group, Twitter, and Reddit. (so, don't forget to invite your supporters to join our Telegram Group, Reddit and Follow our twitter, links : โ— You have to fill up this form : โ—By filling up the form, you agree with our terms and condition. โ— Our decision is Final and Irrevocable

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