August 2022

Dear $KOMmunity,
🍂 This last month has been difficult for Kommunitas, we could never thank you enough for your continuous shower of support for Kommunitas. Happy new month to our beloved KOMmunity.
🙌 Here’s a recap of Kommunitas achievements in August 2022:
• Held an IKO with Spume and Legends of Aria.
• Linked up with TapX.
• Established a strategic partnership with Crypto Bull & Bear, FlokiFi and EO Community.
• Established a venture partnership with Addicted Hunters, The Lighthouse, Asva Ventures, Tiger Ventures and GEMS Ventures
• Seen on Top Community Post on CoinMarketCap
• Our IKO with FootEarn has been featured on CryptoGraph Rating’s list of Top 10 Launchpad Token Sales
• Introduced our New Persian Consultant.
• Held a KomNPlay war mode event.
• Participated in Bali Blockchain Ecosystem Conference 2022 as a sponsor on 4th August 2022.
• Released a new game on KomNPlay called Highway Skater.
• Featured on Smart Liquidity’s list of Top 50 Launchpads and IDO platforms with $1M+ raised.
• RIKO Crypto has featured us in his video on coins which he’s buying the dip.
• Featured on GenX Analytics’ list of Coins the Top 100 Crypto Whales are interested in.
• Held Stake First and Get More Later Event.
• Featured on on Crypto Insight’s list of Top IDO Launchpads by number of IDOs conducted.
• Held an AMA session with Spume, Legends of Aria and Inery Blockchain
• There were a total of 330 Participants, 556 Transactions made and 141,522 USDC raised in all our IKO projects.
• Organized whitelist spots and airdrop giveaways with our IKO projects.
Thank you for believing in us, $KOMmunity! 👫💙
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