KOM/MATIC Farming at PolyCrystal

Hi, $KOMmunity! We are so excited that our Yield Farming Program with PolyCrystal Finance in now Live! Step by step to provide LP and stake your LP token on PolyCrystal :
1. Prepare 1 MATIC (Matic Mainnet) for gas fee
2. Prepare the equal amount of KOM and MATIC. Let’s say $10 in KOM and $10 in MATIC so your total liquidity on KOM/MATIC is $20.
3. Go to ApeSwap and connect your wallet (Make sure you are at Matic Mainnet)
4. Navigate to LIQUIDITY section.
- Trade
- Liquidity
5. Tap on add liquidity.
6. At the top option choose MATIC and the bottom choose KOM.
7. Input your MATIC balance and KOM balance, which will be automatically calculated.
8. Tap "Confirm Addding Liquidity" and proceed "Confirm Supply"
9. Optional, You can speed up the transaction by increasing the gwei for example 5-10 units
10. Add your LP tokens into your wallet by using this token contract address "0x0806a407d6eea72788d91c36829a19d424446040"
- Symbol : APE-LP
- Decimals : 18
11. Now navigate to
12. Go to Mines and find KOM-MATIC
13. Click ENABLE, approve transaction and then STAKE LP and sign the transaction, speed up the transaction by increasing your gwei for 5-10 units.
14. Now you are officially a farmer of KOM-MATIC Yield Farming and earn CRYSTL.
15. Everytime you earn CRYSTL, you can also navigate to POOLS, stake your CRYSTL and earn some other coins including KOM. Watch the tutorial here
Happy Farming Everyone. Please support and RT: