KOM Millionaire Partners

KOM Millionaire Partners

Since its inception, Kommunitasโ€™ goal has always been to become an inclusive Community Launchpad that listens to suggestions and acts in the best interest of its community and token holders. Hence, weโ€™re proud to announce our KOM Millionaire Partners Program!

The KOM Millionaire Partners Program aims to be a way of rewarding our top token stakers for their support without affecting the investment allocation or staking rewards of smaller token holders. This will encourage more investors to buy and stake a larger amount of KOM tokens, thus benefitting all investors as a whole.

Benefits of KOM Millionaire Partners

Next up, here are some of the perks of being a KOM Millionaire Partner:

  • Firstly, Kommunitas takes an upfront percentage fee (of at least 3โ€“5%) for projects launching on our platform. We will now share 5% of this Launchpad Revenue with our Millionaire Partners on a monthly basis (the latest by 5th every month), thus providing them with a cut of our revenue.

  • Millionaire Partners will also be offered exclusive private deals (Past examples: Myria Nodes). These deals will be exclusive to Millionaire Partners, and theyโ€™ll only be announced publicly if they arenโ€™t sold out by Millionaire Partners.

  • Some of Kommunitasโ€™ partnered projects organize marketing or airdrop events with us, and any leftover tokens from such events will be distributed to our Millionaire Partners.

  • And more additional perks will be discussed in the KOM Millionaire Group.


KOM Millionaire Partners are required to stake a minimum of 10,000,000 KOM tokens to be eligible. Once thatโ€™s completed, simply message @robby678 on telegram with your wallet address. We will then verify ownership of the wallet by requesting you to send a small specific amount of tokens to a wallet address, before granting access to the group.

Since we take the on-chain data for our revenue sharing each month, not joining the group will not prevent you from receiving the revenue share. However, youโ€™ll have to join the group to receive the other benefits such as private deals, and more.


We hope that you appreciate our efforts to provide more value and benefit for our investors. Our team will continue to work hard behind to scenes to implement and announce more utility and features for our platform to provide further value for our investors.

About Kommunitas

Kommunitas is a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem for web3.0 projects. Some might refer to it as a โ€œlaunchpadโ€ or โ€œIDO Platformโ€ but Kommunitas is aiming to build not only a platform, but more of an ecosystem.

Kommunitas not only provides fundraising for any type web3.0 projects from various blockchains (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Avax, Fantom, etc), but also other forms of support, such as Marketing, Community Management, KOL, VC Connections, SEO and even project development needs such as vesting portal and staking platform.

Since its inception, Kommunitas has introduced and pioneered of many interesting concepts in the web3.0 industry. Some of them are Initial KOMmunity Offering / IKO (tierless, no barrier and decentralized IDO) and Social Engagement Burning (a way of rewarding the community by reducing the circulation supply of the token based on engagement metrics across social media)

Not only investors will get capital gains from their investment of Public sale tokens, they are also presented with the opportunity to earn passive Revenue Sharing in Stable Coins as well as in KOM tokens by holding and staking KOM tokens. (Read more about Revenue Sharing here: https://docs.kommunitas.net/staking/quarterly-revenue-sharing

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