730D Stakers Reward

As Kommunitas continues to innovate and provide the best value for investors, we are proud to announce our first distribution for our 730 days stakers rewards program. This program offers our KOMmunity the opportunity to earn not only KOM tokens, but also other project tokens. If you are a true KOM die hard fan and you stake your KOM in the 730 days pool, you will receive the biggest APY of KOM token and share a part of the projects’ marketing token, all without doing anything.
To participate, simply stake your KOM in the 730 days pool, and by the 7th of every month, we will share a portion of tokens provided by the project teams to all 730 days stakers, proportionally. The more KOM you stake in the 730 days pool, the more rewards you will get. For example, if you stake KOM in the 730 days before the 28th of February, you will be eligible for the rewards in the month of March.
If for example, you have 1M KOM tokens, but only stake 10,000 KOM in the 730 days pool, only those 10,000 KOM will be considered during the distribution. During our first 730D Stakers Sharing, one address ending with “24A9” staked approximately 10 Million $KOM, and he alone received approximately $287 worth of PARMA token and $175 worth of TERZ token as 730 Days Staker Rewards without having to do anything!
We’re excited to share that we’ve distributed the 730 Days Stakers Rewards for two projects, parma and shelterz. The rewards have been distributed latest by 7 days after the project’s listing, and here are their proof of transaction:
Thank you for being part of the KOMmunity and for staying with us. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative ways to reward our loyal investors, for more information about our 730 Days Staker.
You may also check your address and 730 Day Staking Rewards in this spreadsheet: