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January 2022

Dear $KOMmunity,
January has ended pleasantly for Kommunitas. Let us enter a new month of February and we hope you’re prepared to seize every good in it. We are so thankful for your support. Cheers to an awesome and interesting month ahead, KOMmunity! 💙
🙌 Here’s a recap of Kommunitas achievements in January 2022:
• Formed KOL partnerships with Pintasan Otodidak and Partai Socmed.
• Held an IKO with Satoshi City, Metafluence, Vault Hill, Metaxy, Creo Engine, Cybertrade, Arenum, Plutonians, Okratech, Gravis Finance, Affyn and Adroverse.
• Established strategic partnerships with CN, The Crypto League, Alpha Investment Group, Coinvestor Ventures,, Cryptoon Ventures, MH Ventures, BTC Monday, Coin TCS Venture, FTM Launch, Milkyway Exchange, Hashverse Capital, TruePNL, Mirmi Capital, Unvest, GovWorld, 2A Ventures, Gentlemen Capital, Gotbit, and Alpha Hunt.
• Featured on Cryptograph ratings as The most fair and the best launchpad in terms of allocation without requesting tiers on Polygon and as the Top 10 Launchpad Token Sales for our Private Sale with Adroverse.
• Formed community partnership with Cryptonews id.
• Gained 120K followers on Twitter and distributed 60,000 KOM token to people.
• Held an AMA sessions with NSUR, EXIP, The Monopolist, Tankwarszone, Fishing Town, BitKeep, Metaxy, 5ire, Metacelo, Okratech, Mundo, Plutonians, Affyn, GovWorld, Adroverse, and IslandGirl
• in partnership with NomadFury, NomadFury held an AMA live session with Creo Engine.
• There were a total of 4651 Participants, 7,525 Transactions made and 740,000 USDC raised in all our IKO projects.
• Organized whitelist spots and airdrop giveaways with our IKO projects.
• Featured on HC Capital as one of the overview “IDO Launchpad” on top ecosystem.
• Formed a launchpad partnerships with StartFi, Daring Dragons and Gems.
• Passed the security audit by ShellBoxes.
• Invited in MEXC Global 26 Questions.
• Featured on Crypto Gems.
• Kommunitas farm live on Polygon.
• Launchpad design updated.
• Roadmap updated.
Thank you for being a part of us, $KOMmunity! 💙💙💙
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