KOM/CNT Yield Farming with PolyDEX

How to Farm your KOM/CNT LP Token with PolyDex and Earn 500%+ APY

1. Open your in-apps browser and navigate to
2. Click on "Login" and connect your wallet
3. Click on the Polydex icon, then click on "Exchange" and choose "Swap"
4. Choose any token that you want to swap to CNT (Basically USDC or Matic)
5. Enter the amount of token that you wish to swap
6. Click on "Approve"
7. Click on "Swap"
8. successfully swap your token to CNT
9. Click on the Polydex icon then click on "Exchange" and choose "Liquidity"
10. Click on "Add Liquidity"
11. Choose KOM and CNT to create an LP Token, then enter the amount
12. Click on "Approve CNT"
13. Click on "Supply"
14. Successfully combine KOM with CNT
15. Click on the Polydex icon again then click on "Farms", then choose "Multi Reward"
16. Scroll down and click on "Aprrove LP"
17. Click on the "+" button and enter the amount of LP token that you wish to deposit
18. Click on "Confirm"
19. Successfully farming on Polydex
About PolyDex PolyDEX is flagship product of @CryptionNetwork. $CNT A completely Gasless, instant, cross-chain AMM DEX with yield farming.
The Kommunitas Rewards and Staking are now live on PolyDex, exciting Staking opportunities with CNT-KOM pairings ahead! 🥳
Note : You can also Farm KOM/USDC with PolyDex and Earn 190.55% APY