May 2022

Dear $KOMmunity,
✨ It is with utmost joy that we welcome you into the new month of June. We’d like to thank you for being such an important part of our daily progress. Thank you for sticking with us. We wish you a happy new month of June.
🙌 Here’s a recap of Kommunitas achievements in May 2022:
• Formed KOL partnerships with Yunepto, Crypto Cup and CryptoRank.
• Held an IKO and INO with iStep and Bikearn.
• Established strategic partnerships with Algebra, Propel and Dragonchain Capital.
• Established a venture partnership with Krypto Playboy Capital.
• Our IKOs with Taroverse and Legion Network were featured on Cryptobuddy’s rundown of Top IDO performers last April.
• Featured on MaticNews’ list of top 10 Polygon projects by Social Engagement.
• Held KOM survey event.
• Featured on BitKeep Wallet's Polygon Consensus 2022.
• Held a KOM Search Puzzle event.
• Held Digits NFT giveaway in collaboration with Digits Club.
• Introduced Revenue Sharing.
• Featured on HackerNoon regarding our Priority Projects.
• Our IKO with iStep was featured on Cryptorank's list of top move-to-earn projects by current ROI since Public Sale.
• Featured on GenX Analytics list of versatile Crypto Launchpads with huge potential.
• Featured on MaticNews' list of top 7 fascinating projects that are skyrocketing in weekly volume.
• Reached 200k followers on Twitter.
• Formed community partnerships with CryptoVerse Xplorer, Tzchina, BuyBuyBuyBi and SkyCalls
• Held an AMA session with iStep, POPKON, Bikearn and UniLend.
• There were a total of 1511+ Participants, 2731+ Transactions made and 278,600+ USDC raised in all our IKO projects.
• Organized whitelist spots and airdrop giveaways with our IKO projects.
Thank you for believing in us, $KOMmunity! 👫💙
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