November 2021

Dear $KOMmunity,

Time flies and weโ€™re drawing to the end of the year already. We are truly pleased that it has been a wonderful November of partnerships, AMA events, etc. We would like to thank $KOMmunity for being a part of this amazing journey. We appreciate your support. Happy new month of December ๐Ÿ’™โœจ

๐Ÿ™Œ Hereโ€™s the recap of Kommunitas achievements in November 2021:

โ€ข Formed community partnerships with Crypto Talkz, Crypto Fury, GenZ Capital, CryptoVN, Crypto Blade, Crypto Millionaires, Cryptominers, Cryptoscreen, MissJen Vlogs, Cryptotech, Shitcoinesia, Nano News, Crypto Panda, CryptoChallengers, Hawks Hunters, Blockchain Core, Heaven of Crypto, Universal Crypto and Swift Airdrops.

โ€ข Invested in Lord Arena, InPoker, Doragon Land, Quiz Arena, CryptoVsZombie, Atlantis Metaverse, SolChicks, Affyn and DeFly Ball.

โ€ข Formed a strategic partnerships with FFCAP, Infinity Venture, RIKX Capital, Kenzo Ventures, WeFund, VIC Group / Kretos Ventures and R-930 Capital.

โ€ข Formed a security audit partner with QuillAudits.

โ€ข Entered a marketing partnerships with Blockohooters, AMBCrypto and News Coverage Agency.

โ€ข Reached a KOL partners with Crypto Dasha, R_M Crypto, MoneyTime, Al Crypto News, Mr. Khabir, Money King, Airdrop King News, Tokenized TV, Pace Nando, Crypto Land, Pyramids Crypto, Bang Jos TV, MrFish Vlogs, Coin Zone, Its Me Khen, Dhillukku Dhuddu and Darryl Boo.

โ€ข Introduced the Worldโ€™s First Initial KOMmunity Offering (IKO)

โ€ข Updated our staking from V1 to V2

โ€ข Held an IKO with Fabwelt and SolChicks.

โ€ข Did an AMA event with OGL, MyTrade, SolChicks, Altcoinim, Quiz Arena, Polygon, DeFly Ball and UniFarm master AMA.

โ€ข Created a DeFi partnerships with Brokoli and Cryption / PolyDEX.

โ€ข Featured at Twitter:

- Multiply times on Polygon Daily as Top Gainers in the Polygon ecosystem, as Top Dip-Buying Opportunities, as Most Bullish Polygon Projects and Top Low Cap Projects.

- On Phoenix as 10 Launchpad tokens by price performance.

- On Cryptogics as Top 8 Promising Projects with Capitalization Below $10M.

- On Coin98_exchange as Top Traded Tokens.

- On UniFarm as Top 10 Crypto Tokens.

โ€ข Sold Out our first IKO with FabWelt in just 1 minute and our second IKO with SolChicks in just 10 seconds in the Public Round.

โ€ข Integrated Orange Wallet for the Staking Function.

โ€ข Established 2 Million Incubator Funds.

โ€ข Participated in UniFarmโ€™s treasure hunt.

โ€ข Refilled the rewards in Crystl Pool.

โ€ข KOM is listed on FTX and Coinbase as non-tradable asset.

โ€ข KOM staking pool and farm is now available on PolyDEX.

โ€ข BitKeep Wallet now supports KOM and its dapps.

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