KomNPlay FAQ

1. What type of gaming do you offer?

Skillsbased gaming. You can play for real money (in KOM Token) in thousands of indie titles (including mini games), or faceoff against other gamers in Duels. Earn anywhere from 5% to 1000% return per transaction!

2. How do i Deposit and Withdraw?

You can deposit to your secure onsite wallet in KOM tokens via the Polygon network. Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours.

3. Do i need to use real money in order to play ?

No, you can play most games on komNplay just for fun and become an XP warrior! Once you feel you are good enough you can deposit and play for real money. For those wanting to switch to real money above KOM 2000.00, komNplay does require age and geographical verification (KYC), in order to ensure we do not take illicit funds or allow people from restricted regions to enter the system. This process is onetime and just takes a few minutes to complete

4. Which Countries do you not accept?

At this time, komNplay accepts citizens from all countries except United States, Costa Rica, BVI, Caymans, Cyprus, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Somalia, North Korea, Yemen, Iraq, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands.

5. What are the system Requirements for KomNPlay?

Games are either webbased or for download (PC and Android). Each game has different system requirements but for webbased games, we advise a modern computer or mobile phone with a high speed internet connection. While komNplay is thoroughly browsertested, for optimal performance we suggest Chrome. For downloadable games, which are typically higherspecification and graphics, a highend PC with a good graphics card is suggested.

6. Are you regulated and how are my funds Protected?

komNplay is fully regulated in Curacao. Funds deposited in cryptocurrencies rest in either cryptographically secure Bitcoin or Ethereum-compatible wallets.

7. What Type of Customer Support do you offer?

We offer onsite customer chat support and email support.

8. How does the payout Work?

When you faceoff against the computer, you must reach predefined target scores in any game in order to unlock the promised payout. The first level is relatively easy and can earn you a quick 80% return if you have played the game for a bit. Each time you win, the payout on the next level is higher than before as is the target score. So as you get better, so does the amount you can earn. If you have a bad day and lose, the required target scores also drop (as does the payout). This way, komNplay adapts to your skilllevel and form on any given day. When you beat a user in any duel, you earn 90% return. 10% goes to komNplay, developers and affiliates. Remember, strong anticheat measures run 24/7 to make sure all outcomes are provably fair.

9. Is KomNPlay Gambling?

Most titles found in KomNPlay are skills based and do not rely on random events and outcomes. In general, weโ€™re against gambling (although Kek himself is a practising gambler and degenerate) and so while there might be a section featuring casinotype games, these are explicitly demarcated as such and in no way constitute the core of komNplay. The fun is not in casinos but in the heart of komNplay where gamers can wager on their own skill levels and faceoff either against the computer or other gamers. Games that are gamesofchance have an indicator next to them.

10. Does KomNPlay allow pay to win?

Yes, some titles do have paytowin elements where you can unlock upgrades to progress further in a game. However, these are clearly indicated as such and if you do not like these type of games, you can ignore them.

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