June 2022

Dear $KOMmunity,

✨ We wish everyone a happy new month of July. The past month has been difficult for us, but without you, we would not have been able to turn these difficulties into great successes. Thank you for trusting and believing in Kommunitas, and for letting us know that you are with us all the way. We wish you all the best in the new month.

🙌 Here’s a recap of Kommunitas achievements in June 2022:

• Held an IKO with Yolee Universe, Elf Matrix, Football Battle and BLOCKS.

• Established strategic partnership with Digifinex.

• Established a venture partnerships with Thinksmart Brother Capital and Kangaroo Capital.

• Kommunitas was one of the top launchpads in terms of AVG ATH on CryptoRank’s Rundown of Launchpad Performance in May.

• Featured on GenX Analytics list of Tokens the Richest Crypto-Whales are Buying/Holding/Trading.

• Our IKOs with iStep and Bikearn were featured on Cryptobuddy’s list of Top IDO launches in May.

• Featured on top MaticNews’ list of 10 Active Polygon Projects with the Highest Social Engagement, Top Polygon projects with the Highest Trading Volume in the Past 7 days, Top Most Holding Polygon Projects and Top gainers of Polygon in the last 24 hour.

• Featured on CryptoRank’s list of May 2022 IDO Platforms by Web Traffic.

• Our IKO with ChainPerk has been featured on CryptoResearch’s list of Major Upcoming Events.

• Held an online webinar with Tokocrypto.

• Participated in Crypto Expo Asia 2022.

Metafluence has given Kommunitas a Metahut and Plot of Land as a sign of appreciation.

• Introduced KOMNPlay.

• Featured on GenX Analytics list of coin, the Largest Matic Whales are Buying.

• Held Staking Tutorial Video Contest.

• Featured on Chain Broker’s list of Top Daily Gainers.

• Won the “Best Crypto Launchpad 2022” Award at Crypto Expo Asia.

• Featured on BitMart’s list of Top 10 Daily Gainers.

• Featured on Waggle Insight’s list of Top 10 Gainers among Launchpad Projects in the last 7 days.

• Held Arenum x Kommunitas Beta League Passes.

• Featured on Viva, Media Indonesia, Investor, Kontan.co.id, Berita Satu, iNewsSurabaya, jpnn.com, Gatra, and Blockchainmedia for attaining the “Best Crypto Launchpad 2022” Award at Crypto Expo Asia.

• Formed community partnerships with Crypto Pickles and Community Crypto.

• Held an AMA session with IslandPunk, Football Battle, SuperVet, Elf Matrix, Propel, Future coin, BLOCKS and NFTuloan.

• There were a total of 637+ Participants, 1007+ Transactions made and 300,000+ USDC raised in all our IKO projects.

• Organized whitelist spots and airdrop giveaways with our IKO projects.

Thank you for believing in us, $KOMmunity! 👫💙

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