Launchpad FAQ

1. How do I participate in IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) / Launchpad?

  • First, you must have KOM tokens, you may buy KOM here
  • Secondly, visit and connect your wallet.
  • Stake your KOM in one of the staking pools (please note that this is a locked staking, but you will get to enjoy some juicy rewards, please refer to :
  • If you stake more than 3,000 KOM, you will receive 1 KOMV (KOM Voting) Token which will be used to vote for participation in Booster 1 of each Public Sale. (For Private Sale, you will need to stake at least 500,000 KOM)
  • Make sure that you stake and vote before the Last Staking and Voting Period ends (shown in the details of each upcoming project).
  • Connect your wallet in the Preparation period and prepare USDC (Polygon) (now we also accept BUSD BSC) and some MATIC (or BNB) for the gas fee.

2. What are the steps of an IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) ?

There are 4 Rounds for each IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering). Let’s dive into each step for IKO at Kommunitas Launchpad.
  1. 1.
    Before every sale is initialized, we will publish all the information about the project at We are also trying to make a Research document for each project so that our users can read more details about the project. Don't forget that you can also participate in the Whitelist event that we organize, where we will share some spots for winners to buy allocations eventhough they don't have any KOM tokens! Apart from Whitelist event, normally we will also organize Airdrop giveaway as well as VSB Campaign where you can earn FREE and extra tokens! Visit for more information.
  2. 2.
    If you like the project and you have your KOM token staked, the next thing you have to do is to cast your “Vote” before the Last Staking and Voting Period ends. It is not an actual vote but more like signing a Transaction with your decentralized wallet (like MetaMask).
    We have added this step based on the fact that not all KOM stakers would like to participate in all sales, hence decreasing the amount of allocation for other users who want to participate in the projects. So, starting from now on, we will only take into consideration the amount of KOM tokens staked by those wallets that have 1 KOMV Token and Voted “I want to participate in the sale”. In extreme cases, if you are the only one who voted for that project, the whole allocation from the project will be offered to you in Booster 1! And in order to be eligible for Voting, you need at least 3,000 KOM for Public Sale and 500,000 KOM for Private Sale. With this Voting system, we will ensure the amount of allocation is only shared amongst those who are interested in the project.
  3. 3.
    If you have more than 3,000 KOM staked but forgot to cast a “Vote” in the Public Sale, you will still be eligible to participate in FCFS Round, which will only take place if there are unsold tokens from Booster 2.
  4. 4.
    The left-over allocation (if any) from Booster 2 will then be allocated to the FCFS round. The FCFS round will have the same price per token as Booster 1 and 2, but there will be 3% (Three Percent) Non-Refundable Fee in the FCFS round.
  5. 5.
    All Booster 1, Booster 2, and FCFS rounds will each have a 8-hour timeframe, starting from 9 AM UTC.
  6. 6.
    If there are any unsold tokens from FCFS Round, they will then be allocated to a new round called the Community Round. The Community Round is a round for everyone, including those who do not stake any KOM tokens or missed the chance to stake KOM before the Last Staking/Voting Period to participate. The price per token will be the same, but the Non-Refundable Fee for Community Round is 5% (Five Percent). And instead of 4 hours, the Community Round will last until the 100% target has been reached or until 48 hours before the token's listing.
  7. 7.
    For Private Sale, there will be only 2 rounds; Booster 1, which is only for those who staked more than 500,000 KOM and casted a vote before the Last Staking and Voting Period ends. And FCFS round, with a 3% Non-Refundable Fee and all stakers with at least 500,000 KOM staked can participate (even if they did not vote)

3. What projects can do IKO (Initial KOMmunity Offering) on Kommunitas?

We support any type of web3.0 projects (GameFi, DeFi, Protocol, Layer 2s, etc) from multiple chain like Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Etc. But currencies that we accept at the moment for IKO are USDC (Polygon), BUSD (BEP20) and USDT (Arbitrum).
The most important thing is the team must pass our Due Diligence and they may consider being featured as KOM Priority Projects (You can read more about this in the next section.)

4. What is Kommunitas Priority Projects?

Kommunitas Priority Project aims to bring high-quality projects that must satisfy several criteria. They include, but are not limited to, having locked liquidity in a 1:1 ratio according to their Initial Market Cap, and the price of the token not dropping below IKO price for 3 consecutive days before 50% of the tokens are vested.
We highly encourage you to read more about Kommunitas Priority Projects at :

5. What is the difference between Private Sale and Public Sale?

Private Sale is only for our Private Partners. To become our Private Partners, you need to stake at least 500,000 KOM and talk to @komelitebot at telegram. The more KOM token you staked, the more allocation you will get, because we will calculate the allocation in Private Sale using the same formula of IKO / Public Sale.
Private Partners will be able to participate in Private/Seed rounds which usually have lower token prices compared to public round but they usually have a longer vesting period.
Private Partners will also enjoy a 30% Revenue Sharing collected from FCFS and Community Round. Read more :

6. Who can participate in FCFS Round of each sale?

For the IKO / Public Sale, only KOM Stakers (at least 100 KOM staked) can participate in the FCFS Round. Whereas for the Private sale, you can participate in the FCFS round if you have staked more than 500,000 KOM.
So, to sum it all up :

IKO / Public Sale.

Booster 1: Stake 3,000 KOM Vote (+ Whitelisted Addresses) [8 Hours]
Booster 2: All Voters (Minus the Whitelisted Addresses) [8 Hours]
FCFS Round: First Come First Serve with Min and Max Purchase only for KOM Stakers before the Last Staking Period of each sale. The number of tokens available in this FCFS round is the unsold token from Booster 2. [8 Hours]
Community Round: All people (even non-KOM holders) can participate in this round. [No Time Limit]

Private Sale.

Booster 1: 500,000 KOM Stakers and Voters before the Last Staking and Voting Period Ends
FCFS Round: First Come First Serve with Min and Max Purchase only for users who stake at least 500,000 KOM before the Last Staking Period of each sale.

7. What is KOMV?

KOMV = KOM Voting
Utility : KOMV is used to Vote at IKO time to participate in Booster 1 & Booster 2
Why : The allocation calculation without KOMV is calculated equally for all KOM holders while not all holders always participate in each IKO, so that the allocation to participate is small, with KOMV the allocation of Voters/Holders who want to participate becomes more, because it is only calculated based on the voting holders
Future Plan : When KOM launches or become a DAO, KOMV token will act as 1 Voice or 1 Vote

8. How do I claim my Token from IKO?

  1. 1.
    Go to
  2. 2.
    Click on Vesting
  3. 3.
    Scroll to the project card, please note on the “Private” or “Public” status of the project. If you participate in both private and public round of a project, you will need to connect on each card.
  4. 4.
    Connect your wallet
  5. 5.
    Once the token is available on the Vesting Smart Contract and the Distribution / TGE time is scheduled, then you will see the button of Claiming Token.
  6. 6.
    Click on the gas fee and make sure to always choose high gas fee to speed-up your transaction
  7. 7.
    Don’t forget to add the token contract in your wallet according to the network
You can watch the tutorial video here.

9. How do I claim Solana Project Token?

Only for Mobile Phone user.
Solflare for Android does not support dApps. So you have to find mobile browser that support chrome extension. In this case, we will be using Kiwi Browser.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Open Kiwi Browser and go to Chrome Extension Store. You can install Solfare or Phantom. Use only one.
After installed, see the 3 dots on top right on Kiwi Browser. Scroll down and see the wallet over there. Open it, and setup your seed phrase.

10. How do I keep track of all vesting?

  1. 1.
    Make sure that you have followed our social media especially Telegram Announcement Channel
  2. 2.
    You can also subscribe to our google calendar here. You can watch the tutorial video here

11. How do I participate in INO / Initial NFT Offering ?

NO / Initial NFT Offering will have 3 rounds. The requirement for a user to participate is to stake 50,000 to 500,000 KOM in our
Booster 1 This is the first round for the INO. This will last for 4 hours, starting from 9 AM UTC, ending at 1 PM UTC. The minimum amount of KOM a user need to stake is 500,000 KOM for this round. There will be a maximum amount of NFT that a user can purchase in this round.
Booster 2 Any unsold NFTs from Booster 1 will be allocated to Booster 2. This round normally starts at 1 PM UTC, and will end at 5 PM UTC. This round is intended for user with at least 50,000 KOM Staked. So if you have 500,000 KOM and purchased maximum amount of NFTs in Booster 1, you will still be eligible to purchase another maximum amount in this Booster 2.
Community Round Community Round is intended for those who do not stake KOM token. Any unsold NFTs will be allocated in this round, but there will be a 5% Non Refundable Fees applied in this round. This round will end when the NFT is 100% sold.
You can watch the tutorial video here