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Announcing Lysithea Ventures partnership with Kommunitas

Lysithea Ventures has declared its collaboration with Kommunitas, a modern platform that facilitates the launch of inventive blockchain projects and startups, on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023.

Kommunitas is committed to delivering extensive assistance to startups in their initial stages, such as financing, advertising, and community creation, with a major focus on excellence and creativity.

Since Kommunitas is a reputable and trustworthy brand in the blockchain startup domain, it is the perfect partner to assist Lysithea Ventures in realizing the shared objective of encouraging the growth and progress of the industry.

We are working together with Lysithea to:

ใƒปCo-incubate innovative projects

ใƒปMutual branding and support

ใƒปRecommendation popular initial projects

ใƒปVarious supports to help expand the ecosystem

We will collaborate with Lysithea to jointly incubate creative projects, extend reciprocal branding and support, suggest popular early-stage initiatives, and provide diverse forms of assistance to expand the blockchain ecosystem.

This partnership is a noteworthy leap forward for both Lysithea Ventures and Kommunitas, and we are excited to share further updates on our combined endeavors.

About Lysithea Ventures

Lysithea Ventures is a highly regarded cryptocurrency venture capital firm based in South Korea. Since our establishment in 2017, our team of experienced investment professionals has been at the forefront of the industry.

We are known for identifying and supporting innovative projects and initiatives within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, with a focus on driving growth and promoting the wider adoption of these technologies.

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