Why Choose Kommunitas?

Kommunitas Revealed: How Kommunitas is Changing the Crypto Crowfunding


In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, choosing the right platform for decentralized crowdfunding is crucial. Kommunitas stands out as a leader in this realm, offering an array of unique benefits for not only crypto startups but also for retail investors.

Background of Kommunitas

At its heart, Kommunitas is a Decentralized Crowdfunding Ecosystem, governed by the $KOM token. It provides a robust solution for decentralized fundraising in Web3.0, serving as a one-stop solution with a variety of features and services.

Kommunitas Features

Kommunitas distinguishes itself in the competitive crypto space with four key features:

1. Tier-Less System

Kommunitas has a special system that ensures all users who hold KOM tokens get a fair chance to participate in their Launchpad projects. It’s designed to be inclusive. The key is simple: the more KOM tokens a user stakes, the more they can get involved in the projects. There’s no need for a minimum number of tokens, so every user has the opportunity to participate, regardless of how many tokens they hold or stake in Kommunitas staking platform.
This approach removes the stress and barriers, allowing every user, whether they staked a small or large amount of KOM, to be a part of the exciting Launchpad projects. For details on how the allocation mechanism is calculated, please refer to the article linked here.

2. Revenue Sharing

Kommunitas offers a unique profit-sharing model that benefits its partners in two main ways, which no other launchpad has this unique feature.

- Quarterly Revenue Sharing for KOM Private Partners

Every quarter, we distribute a portion of our earnings among our Private Partners. This is done by allocating 30% of the fees collected from certain rounds, like First Come, First Served (FCFS) and Community Rounds. The money, held in USDC, is pooled into a special Treasury Wallet. From here, it’s shared with those who have staked more than 500,000 KOM. This quarterly sharing ensures a regular benefit for our dedicated partners.
For more information about Private Partners, please visit this link.

- Monthly Rewards for KOM Millionaire Partners

Users who go a step further by staking over 10,000,000 KOM are recognized as KOM Millionaire Partners. Being Kommunitas Millionaire Partners enjoy an exclusive benefit. We share 5% of our monthly revenue and distribute it among them, with the amount each partner receives depending on their stake proportion.
For more information on how to join our Millionaire Partner program, please refer to this article.

- Kommunitas Priority Projects Offering

Our Priority Projects are chosen because they agreed to met our high standards, ensuring both quality and safety for our investors.
Here’s what’s new and important in our Priority Projects initiative:
Improved Refund Policy with Airdrop Benefits: We’ve updated our refund policy. Now, if a project’s token price drops significantly right after listing, not only will investors get a full refund, but they will also keep their initial tokens as a free airdrop. This change is about giving more value back to our investors.
These updates reflect our dedication to enhancing the benefits for our investors and encouraging accountability in projects. We believe these changes make Kommunitas a safer and more rewarding environment for everyone involved.
To learn more about our Priority Projects, kindly visit this link.

- Kommunitas Secure IKO Offering

Kommunitas Secure IKO is our latest feature, designed to balance strict security with more opportunities for high-quality projects. We’ve learned from our past experiences: being too strict sometimes limits the range of projects and can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Here’s what Secure IKO brings to the table:

1. Easy and Empowering Refund Process

The refund procedure within Secure IKO is straightforward, reflecting our commitment to a decentralized, trust-based platform. Requesting a refund is as simple as your initial commitment — no complicated forms, just a few clicks.

2. User Control and Convenience

We respect your time and security. With Kommunitas, you have total control over your investment. Support the project or opt for a full refund within a 3-day window — all made hassle-free and user-friendly.

3. Balanced Selection Criteria

Our revised criteria maintain high standards but are more accommodating to exceptional projects. This new approach attracts reputable projects, offering them a structured and trustworthy introduction to our community. It also simplifies their access to funds and the refund process.
To learn more about our Secure IKO, kindly visit this link.

Ways to Earn Free Tokens:

- Vote, Share, and Buy Rewards (VSB)

The essence of this program is that if users meet the specified criteria, they’ll receive bonus project tokens. This means that for the same amount of money, if users purchase through Kommunitas, they’ll receive more tokens compared to buying the same project on other launchpads. According to our data, users typically get an average of 14% extra tokens from the 42x distribution of VSB. The history of reward distribution can be viewed here.
To understand how to join a VSB campaign for one of our projects, check out this example: ICON. X WORLD VSB Campaign.

- Learn 2 Earn (L2E)

Kommunitas offers users the chance to earn project tokens by getting involved in current fundraisers. The process is simple: users just need to learn about the project and correctly answer quiz questions. In doing this, users can earn project tokens, each with a minimum value of $10. This presents a unique opportunity where learning actually pays off. For those who like to spend time browsing content, this is an ideal way to earn rewards while relaxing.
To understand how to join a Learn 2 Earn for one of our projects, check out this article: ICON.X WORLD L2E Campaign.

- Airdrop

When projects raise funds through Kommunitas, they often provide airdrops of free tokens as a token of appreciation for contributions. Users of Kommunitas have the opportunity to receive these airdrops without needing to make any financial investment. The only requirement is for users to complete straightforward tasks on social media platforms. The value of these airdrops can vary, ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars in project tokens. Additionally, completing a task for an airdrop typically takes less than five minutes. This is a proven system, as numerous airdrops have already been successfully conducted, with tokens distributed to participants. For verification of the reward distribution history, users can visit this link.
To understand how to join an airdrop campaign for one of our projects, check out this example: Bounty Temple Airdrop Campaign

- Ask Me Anything (AMA)

A program offered by Kommunitas, similar to its Learn2Earn initiative. This unique feature involves direct interaction with project leaders who are in the process of raising funds on Kommunitas, usually conducted through Twitter Spaces or Telegram Group Chats. Participants in these sessions can pose questions, and if their queries are selected by the speakers, they receive rewards. These rewards range from a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $20. Additionally, participants who actively promote the AMA’s featured project on Galxe as part of the Kommunitas campaign are eligible for an extra $10 bonus.
To understand how to join one of our projects AMA sessions, check out this example: Twitter Space AMA Kommunitas X Chopsui

- 730 Days Stakers Rewards

This program is a testament to Kommunitas’ appreciation for users who demonstrate their faith in the KOM token’s future by staking it for two years. In recognition of this commitment, Kommunitas periodically awards these long-term stakers with airdrop tokens from various projects that have raised funds through the platform. Users interested in viewing the history of these reward distributions can do so by visiting this link.
To learn more about the 730 Days Program, please read here.

- Staking

Staking, in many ways, is akin to making a deposit at a bank. At Kommunitas, users have the opportunity to earn up to 15% interest through staking. Currently, over 1 billion KOM tokens are staked on the platform, representing 61% of the total circulating supply of 1.68 billion KOM. Additionally, staked KOM tokens at Kommunitas are eligible for Compounding Interest, which means the earnings of users can increase exponentially over time, creating a snowball effect in their investment growth. Users interested in staking KOM can do so exclusively at Kommunitas Staking.
To learn more on how to stake $KOM please visit this link.

- KOM Event

KOM Events are exclusive occurrences, typically happening once or twice a month. In these events, users have the chance to win prizes that can reach up to $1000.
For those interested in viewing the history of prize distributions from past KOM Events, kindly click this link.

Case Studies and Success Stories

In 2023, Kommunitas showcased its prowess in the crypto space with remarkable achievements. The platform’s First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) rounds saw incredible demand, highlighted by GoWrap selling out in under 10 seconds. Top-performing Initial Kommunity Offerings (IKOs) like Earn Network, Propbase, Vinu Chain, and Tectum delivered impressive returns, some achieving up to 10.2 times the initial value, demonstrating the platform’s capacity to offer lucrative opportunities to its participants.
In terms of token growth, Kommunitas experienced a significant surge. The total number of KOM holders rose to 37,614, a notable increase from the previous year. This growth is a testament to the platform’s rising influence in the crypto world.
Fundraising efforts were equally successful, with the platform raising over 12 million USDT in 2023, nearly double the amount from 2022. The number of unique participants also climbed, reaching 8,351 users, reflecting a growing interest and trust in Kommunitas’ capabilities.
Another feather in its cap was being recognized by CryptoRank as one of the Top 10 Most Popular IDO Platforms in June 2023, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.
For an in-depth look at Kommunitas’ achievements in 2023, users are encouraged to read the detailed article here.


Kommunitas is not just a platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower and reward its community. Whether through innovative fundraising solutions or diverse ways to earn free tokens, Kommunitas is redefining the decentralized crowdfunding experience.