Staking at Kommunitas
Enjoy up to 120% APY when staking KOM with Kommunitas
Step by Step on how to earn up to 120% APY 1. Open your in-apps browser or google chrome and navigate to 2. Click on Enter Staking 3. Connect your wallet. 4. Make sure you are at Matic Mainnet, and you have some $MATIC (matic mainnet) token for the fees. If you want to know how to connect to matic mainnet , please refer to this doc for metamask, and for trust wallet. 5. Choose the duration for this staking. 30, 60, or 90 days. Please notice that this is a locked staking, which means that you can not unstake before the maturity date or you will get charged a 5% fees (in KOM) 6. Enter the amount that you wish to stake. (min 100 $KOM). Note that if you stake more than 3,000 $KOM, then you will be eligible for KOMV (KOM Voting) token. KOMV is not tradable, and it will be used later for our governance function. Please add this into your wallet. KOMV token address : 0x56190005fd8740f8e2d3b805edc14e007045725b Name: KOMV. Decimal: 0. 7. If the staking successful, you can see the amount of rewards that you are going to earn as well as the maturity date.
On 21st of September 2021, we have updated our Staking User Interface. Our user can now view the details list of all staking in the User Stats field.
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