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Hi, $KOMmunity!
🚀 We are so excited to announce that Kommunitas has joined ShoeFy as their Strategic Partner
🔥What's unique about the platform?
  • The next generation platform that combines the power of NFT and DeFi.
  • Put your sNFT to work and earn passive income on ShoeFy platform.
  • Farm your choice of sNFTs by staking $SHOE tokens.
  • Be a liquidity provider in our innovative $SHOE/sNFT liquidity pool and earn sLP token.
  • Purchase the bNFTs, your booster NFTs to multiply your sLP rewards.
🚀ShoeFy backers: -Oddiyana Ventures, Duck Dao, Catena, Gains Associates, Ex Network, Moon Whale, Dutch Crypto Investors, AU21, BitMart, Platinum Fund, Basic Capital, Coins Capital, Kangaroo Capital, BMW Capital, ChinaPolka, Block Mint, Evan Singh Luthra, X Executive from Hedera Hashgraph and many more.