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IKO with Affyn

🍄 Kommunitas is extremely pleased to announce our IKO with Affyn Official

About Affyn

Affyn aims to build a sustainable play-to-earn metaverse on the Polygon blockchain that integrates the best of both the virtual world and the real world. A play-to-earn metaverse that allows players to start playing and earning without any initial fee. To ensure the rewards remain attractive to existing and new players in the long run, they’ve found the solution to maintain a sustainable and growing game economy.

IKO Details

Last Staking Date: 28th January 2022, 3 AM UTC

Booster 1

Start: 28th January 2022, 9 AM UTC
End: 28th January 2022, 1 PM UTC
Price: $0.14

Booster 2

Start: 28th January 2022, 1 PM UTC
End: 28th January 2022, 5 PM UTC
Price: $0.14

FCFS Round

Start: 28th January 2022, 5 PM UTC
End: 28th January 2022, 9 PM UTC
Price: $0.15
Min Buy / Max Buy: TBD 1 hour before FCFS starts

Token Details

Token Type: Polygon
Token Symbol: FYN
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Initial Market Cap: $140,000
Contract Address: TBA
Vesting: 10% unlocked on TGE, 10 days locked, 1% unlocked daily after

🤔How To Participate?

Stake KOM at or read more details here :
😯 Did you know that you can join our Private Partners Group and participate in upcoming Seed/Private sales by staking only 500,000 KOM. This will allow you to receive some guaranteed allocation for Seed/Private Rounds. Simply talk to by typing /start and the bot will guide you from there!
📌FAQ about Launchpad
❤️‍🔥Like and RT to burn more KOM: