$2-Million Incubator fund

A game-changer in the industry, Kommunitas has established a $2 million Kommunitas Incubator Fund from its ever-increasing pool of Private Partners. It eyes investing in strong teams with unique and innovative visions in the cryptocurrency industry.
Kommunitas has announced the establishment of the $2 million Kommunitas Incubator Fund, which seeks to support early-stage projects. To apply, you can click on this form.
Robbie Jeo, the company Chief Executive Officer, says Kommunitas supports project teams by enabling them to focus on their core strengths — developing and building their products. On the other hand, the Kommunity handles other vital aspects such as marketing, exposure, listing, and creation/expansion of the initial user base through the platform’s well-established network and partnerships.
To date, the Kommunitas Crypto Incubator Fund has raised more than $2 million from its ever-increasing pool of Private Partners. Kommunitas eyes investing in solid teams with unique and innovative visions in the cryptocurrency industry, particularly but not limited to the field of Gaming, NFT, Metaverse, and DeFi projects with unique selling points.
In addition, Kommunitas is also a launchpad. With support from its extensive network of community members, Robbie says the team is able to assist projects on Public Round fundraising as well. Kommunitas’ integrated system ensures that the platform is able to support projects at any stage of their fundraising — from Seed Round to the Public Round.
Kommunitas has been a game-changer in the industry as a decentralized and tier-less crypto launchpad. The platform is leading the charge in bridging the world to the biggest project on cryptocurrency. It has disrupted the concept of tiers by giving the possibility to everyone to be eligible for a guaranteed allocation, no matter how many tokens are held.
“A tier-less system only means that holders of KOM or investors who want to purchase newly launched projects need not hold a specific amount of KOM token to be eligible for that specific token,” explains Robbie.
Kommunitas aims to address all inefficiencies associated with the tiered system of conventional IDO launchpads. In order to increase transparency and reward the entire KOMmunity, it has presented the Initial KOMmunity Offering (IKO), the first of its kind in the world.
With a tier-less system, every holder of KOM token is counted and will get an allocation in purchasing the newly launched token. KOM holders get to earn the reward by either staking the token on the Kommunitas platform and any other partner project. To apply, you can click on this form.
Apart from serving as a Launchpad, Kommunitas is also a one-stop solution for project owners looking to raise funds and get exposure to hundreds of regional crypto communities from all over the world.
Kommunitas is open for collaboration from every aspect of the crypto world: Advisor, Partners Project, Other Launchpad, Venture Capital Funds, Private Funds, Auditor, Centralized Exchange, and Decentralized Exchanges.
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