Kommunitas Priority Project

Since its inception, Kommunitas’s goal has always been to become a community-oriented Launchpad that can allow a wider range of people to safely participate in IKOs (Initial KOMmunity Offering, read here) as well as to strive to make improvements upon existing Launchpads to better serve the interests of our community.
After much internal discussion, we have felt the need to implement a new feature that will help our investors identify projects that have passed a set of rigid terms which will help better safeguard the funds of our investors and provide them with more confidence before investing.
As part of our strive to provide our community with more assurance when they choose to invest with us, we have decided to launch “Kommunitas Priority Projects” to help identify projects that have passed our due diligence, as well as agreed to and passed a set of more stringent criteria, in addition to our usual criterion such as performing KYC on the project’s team and only releasing the funds for IKOs at least 48 hours after a successful listing of the token. More information about the criterion will be provided below.
Do note that we can be a bit more flexible and forgiving with our terms if a well sought-after project with large demand from our users or with Tier 1 VC/Corporate Backers are unable to meet the full set of conditions due to certain reasons, but they have to pass the most important terms relating to the safety of our investors’ funds. And like always, this is up to our community to decide.