How To Participate On IKO/Launchpad

Step by Step on How to Participate on IKO / Launchpad :

2. Read through the details of the project, including Token Type, Last Staking Period that will be taken into calculation.
3. You can see the status of the project at the right corner of the project's card (Its Registration Period, Preparation Period, Booster 1, Booster 2 or Public Round)
4. In the Preparation Period, users are encouraged to prepare the USDC (Polygon). User can know his allocation by clicking on the Connect Wallet button below the project's card.
5. Please note that, if there are some unsold token from Booster 1, those token will be allocated to Booster 2 and User who is eligible to purchase in Booster 1 can still purchase in Booster 2.
6. You need to read and agree to Kommunitas Launchpad Terms and Conditions before you can make any purchase.
7. Enter the amount of USDC (Polygon) that you wish to swap / participate.
8. Public Round is a FCFS basis, where unsold tokens from Booster 1 and Booster 2 will be allocated here. There will be minimum and maximum purchase (in Token) and Please note that one address can only participate ONCE in this Public Round. And only those who has staked KOM before the Staking Date will be eligible to purchase in this Public Round.
9. After each Booster, the total token sold on the round will be shown. While in each round, we can check the total token sold by the progress bar.
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