Website Redesigned & Team Updated!

Hi, $KOMmunity! By 4th of October 2021, we are going to publish our new website redesigned as stated on our Roadmap. Some changes with new website : 1. You can now see KOM price (thanks to CoinGecko widget) 2. You can easily add KOM token to your web3 wallet (both BSC and Polygon) 3. You can click on your regional KOMmunity easily from our website. 4. Last but not least, you can click on the Rocket logo at the right bottom of the site and it will take you To The Moon (Top of the page)!
Besides, we have also some changes in our core team. Vernan Muse will now be serving as our Advisor, and Robbie Jeo will take his place as the new CEO. The position of Business Development Manager will be handed over Guz Pahlev, who has been in crypto space since 2016 with many experiences such as:
  • Atlantis Blue Digital Token ( Community Manager )
  • Apollo Token ( Community Manager )
  • Zilliqa ( Community Manager )
  • TriasLab ( Community Manager )
  • Cocos BCX ( Community Manager )
  • Crypto Tycoon ( Community Manager )
  • Lendefi ( Ambassador )
  • Cyberpeach ( Advisor )