1st Monthly Revenue Sharing For Millionaire Partners

Kommunitas is proud to announce our first monthly revenue sharing for our millionaire partners, which was distributed recently. We sent a total of $662.5 to 5 partners, with an average of $127.72 of dividends per 10 Million $KOM.
Our 5 millionaire partners staked a combined total of 51,871,728 KOM tokens. Based on the current price of $KOM, that calculates to a current dividend yield rate of 1.42% or an annual dividend yield of 17.03%. You may find the proof of transaction here. You may also find more details about the revenue sharing here. We will continue to provide a monthly update on our Millionaire Partners Revenue Sharing.
How to become a Millionaire Partner
KOM Millionaire Partners are required to stake a minimum of 10,000,000 KOM tokens to be eligible. Once that’s completed, simply message @robby678 on telegram with your wallet address. We will then verify ownership of the wallet by requesting you to send a small specific amount of tokens to a wallet address, before granting access to the group.
Since we take the on-chain data for our revenue sharing each month, not joining the group will not prevent you from receiving the revenue share. However, you’ll have to join the group to receive the other benefits such as private deals, and more. Find out more about KOM Millionaire Partners here.